Daily Log: 2018-08-15

Hey Crew,

The quest continues. Last night I did more editing on Almost-Super Heroes 2. I’m nearly to the point where I’m ready to start adding words once more. I just need to get back into that headspace and figure out where I left off and where I was going. I know how the book will end, I just need to make sure I don’t leave any odd side trails since I haven’t dipped into this book in over a year.

That’s on me, but I’ll get back into it and pound this one out.

Next up, I need to make some tough choices. I know exactly what’ll happen in the 3rd book in each series. As I’ve pointed out, they’ll all go together. GRPC is a great series and I love Ravi and Solie. But I miss writing about Vic, June, Joey, and the rest of the crew of the SS Acid Rat as well as our favorite Sheriff. But then I’ll be deep in the headspace of Almost-Super Heroes with characters that I’m becoming equally fond of. This is so difficult choosing which book to do next.

Almost as difficult as figuring out how the covers to three separate series will be branded so folks will understand that they all go together in the same universe. That’s almost as challenging as tying these stories all together.

I’ll figure it all out. Oh, yes I will.

Over the past couple of days, there was a little bit about another blogger. He and I have exchanged a few emails. Perhaps it was my misunderstanding, perhaps his post was harsher than intended. Either way, it lit a fire under me and I took it as motivation and inspiration and not as a slam that I’m a failure as a writer because I’m failing at the number one thing that writers do (in case you didn’t know, that’s write). I’m sure the two of us will exchange many more emails as I  do respect his perspective and understand that he’s further along the writer’s journey than I am.

As I said, if you see me slip, hold me to task. I will completely understand. Life happens and priorities shift, but it’s always been a goal of mine to be a writer and this time, I need to keep my eye on the prize. 🙂

Speaking of that prize, I’m getting a late start and there are words that need to happen. So…

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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