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Schlock Movie Night

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Last day for free ebooks!

Today is the last day to grab Billy Barbarian or Astel ebooks free on Amazon! If you missed any of the previous giveaways, drop me an email and I’ll send you any of my ebooks or short stories, free!

Feedin’ Birds.

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Coffee, Tea, not me.

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5 a Day With Jay 0161

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More free ebooks before going WIDE!

Next week, several of my books will fall out of KU. I see almost 0 page reads with these books and even fewer sales. It’s time to expand my reach so I’m going wide with all books except V&A Universe books. I won’t bother you with babble.

Astel and Billy are free all week! Enjoy!

Updating some covers.

In an effort to ensure quality control, I spent some more time making sure book covers look the best they can. Updated several. Mostly the print versions that were a little too dark and looked bad when printed. Needless to say, it was some waiting involved.

I don’t feel alone in this effort of ensuring quality control and knowing it’s a painstaking process. If you follow Scott Sigler at all, you’ll get to see what a minor oversight caused to happen with an entire print run of hardcovers. The spine didn’t have the correct spelling or latest version they made of the spine.

The only benefit I have is I didn’t mass produce the book and was able to do a check prior to anyone else ordering a copy. My items are print on demand. What that means, for my books, is there may be a person out there with a one off of a specific book. I know there are one offs out there. Should I ever be mega famous, those books will be worth more than they are today.

At this point, I think I’m finally done tweaking books and can get back to producing content. Yes, this has slowed me down, but it feels good to know I’m putting out a better product. Being a one-man team means I handle every part of the process. It’s a challenge. One I gladly accept.

Feeling a little run down today. Going to take a nap and get on the day.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

Very short post this evening.

Been a busy, busy day. Getting ready to go to a party with friends. Got Murdockian Tales V2 formatted, uploaded, and scheduled for pre-order. Tomorrow I need to do a little tweaking on a couple of book covers and I’ll be done with all that. Then I’ll need to start ordering copies for myself and to give away. It’s been a lot of work, but I’m finally done with it all. WOO WOO!

Not tonight.

My apologies. I was going to record this evening, but many things happened and I will not be recording.

Yes, yes. I know I just started back up. Next week is another week. Tonight I need to get a couple thousand words written, I needed to fix one book cover that got rejected, need to investigate hard covers on KDP. Lots of little things going on and the Mrs and I stepped out for a few hours this evening to socialize Gracie.

The puppy is still quite shy, but slowly coming out of her shell. At least tonight she ran with the dogs several times instead of always away to hide from the other dogs. Little by little her personality is coming out.\

As I posted earlier, Supernatural Learning is still free (all three books). Will be until sometime tonight. Next week we start another sale. Oh yeah, another thing I need to do. Make TikTok videos for that sale. 🙂

I’m off to accomplish things.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!