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Latest book I bought (not really)

The Edgar Rice Burroughs Collection (30 classic novels all with an active Table of Contents) by [Edgar Rice Burroughs]

I’m gearing up for some major reading this year, and I’m buying or digging out a number of books, collections, and short story collections. One of the ones I was looking for was all the Tarzan novels and as long as I was looking for that, I figured I’d find all the John Carter of Mars books. So I hopped onto Amazon and started looking up collections of Edgar Rice Burroughs and saw a lot, but didn’t buy any outright (yet) and I kept digging and digging to see what I could find as I wanted a complete collection of his works, if possible.

Then I discovered that I’d already bough a larger collection of his works. Ah well, this happens. I’d read 2 or 3 of the Tarzan book way back in high school, but much like Conan stories, it’s high time I revisited these works. 2022 will be interesting once I get started.

Follow up on the Bird Book.

My grandma was very onto birds. So much so that she clippers an article from the newspaper on what attracted certain birds to your yard. Interesting article even all these years later.

Latest book I bought

I’ve been a Scott Sigler Junkie since the first episode of Earthcore dropped on the Dragon Page oh so many years ago. I’m slow, but finally have the ebook for the sequel.

Bird Book

I take a lot of pictures if birds. Perhaps an unhealthy amount for someone who isn’t a bird watcher as a hobby. My first name is really Jay and my nickname growing up was Jay Bird.

My grandma’s loved, in her retirement years, to sit by the wondiw and watch the birds in her trees and yard. When she passed, the only thing I wanted was her bird book she would use to identify those birds. Not sure what got me to dig this book out, but I’ve very glad I found it.

The latest book I bought

Wild Cards I: Expanded Edition by [Wild Cards Trust, George R. R. Martin]

Buying books and reading books are two separate hobbies, let’s be real.

I’ve always wanted to dip my toe into the Wild Cards world, and the first book was on sale for $2.99. The rest are rather expensive and I refuse to pay $14.99 for an ebook. But if G.R.R. Martin is involved with this series, I’m curious.

A Shout out to a creator

A long time ago, I began supporting a creator on Patreon (he appears to not be there any longer). Spencer Moreland. He’s a web comic creator or a comik. When I signed up for his Patreon, he made me this awesome gif that I’ve used in many places.

It’s high time I’ve said a public “Thank you” to Spencer! I hope you take a moment to check out his work.

I bought 2 books today.

Akata Witch (The Nsibidi Scripts Book 1) by [Nnedi Okorafor]
Akata Warrior (The Nsibidi Scripts Book 2) by [Nnedi Okorafor]

I’ve been a fan of Nnedi Okorafor for some time, even if I forget how to spell her name. I saw she had a YA series and decided to pick up the first two books in the series as they were only $1.99 each and the 2rd book came out today. What better time to get into a new series?

My Dinner with Andre.

I don’t think I even know anyone named Andre. I did, however, have lunch/dinner with Jack Mangan and his family. He gets out to the coast a little more regularly, but it’s been a few years since we’ve met up and gotten caught up. It was great hanging out at Cabrillo National Monument and having a bit of lunch.

V&A Shipping 2: Hollow – Chapter 2

Audio Only:—Chapter-2-e1d0q6v – Grab a copy of your own!

2nd book of the year I read.

One of the many blogs I read is News From ME. The ME being Mark Evanier. If you like musicals, comics, comedy, magic, show biz, Mark has one of those memories from all those areas and shares stories all the time. He’s a writer of books, comics, TV shows, it’d ben difficult to collect all his credits in one location. One of his credits was being an assistant to Jack Kirby…yes, THAT Jack Kirby.

When he said this book was being published, I pre-ordered is right away. When Mark speaks about a project I listen. When he mentions one he’s involved with, I pay attention.

I’ve been a comic fan for as long as I can remember. Mark wrote many of those comics I read as a kid. Mostly funny animal comics. I still remember an issue of the Hair Bear Bunch where everything on the menu of the restaurant they were at had cole slaw, so the one who disliked cole slaw decided to get a gumball and instead, got cole slow from the machine. It’s weird to think about things like that.

At any rate, when Mark mentioned that he had an essay in the books, even though I’d read so much about Mark’s time with Jack Kirby, I wanted to get this book.

Yes, I’ve read Fantastic Four many times over the year. I had the version that came with a record and that helped me learn to read. I read reprints, digital editions, and broken up versions. I’ve seen this comic many times. But never like this.

The creators got a hold of an original Fantastic Four #1 in near mint condition and did high quality scans of the pages. They blew up each panel giving it a page of its own. The entire comic is in the back in its original size on the pages. Also included are essays, one being by Mark. It’s amazing to see the up-close detail in the panels and see the coloring and letting. Beyond that, the amazing art Kirby created when almost nothing like this existed. As Mark says in his essay, this book changed comics forever.

It’s true.