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18 year old puppy passes on.

Last year we lost Oreo. She was a 12 year old puppy and we thought she’d be around much longer.

This morning we lost Tootsie who was 18. She’d give us quite a scare a couple of weeks ago. Early this morning I carried her out side as I’d been doing the past several weeks and The Mrs and I left town. When My Favorite Daughter got home about an hour after we left, she found Tootsie.

It’s never easy losing a family pet. Tootsie had been with My Favorite Daughter when K was 5 and Tootsie was 4 weeks. They’ve always been together. Hard to not be there now.

Hey Gang

Though I’ll be away from recording videos for the next week, I will still be making blog posts. Maybe. We’ll see.

A very brief history of podcasting

I want to thank Megan Enloe for the idea for today’s 5 a day with Jay. Obviously, I went WAY over 5 minutes.

Bear in mind while listening, this is from my perspective. There are stories here without names because I see no reason to out the individuals. There is some speculation, but these speculations are based on stories that went around the podiverse at the time.

There are many stories I could tell from this time, so if you’d like to hear more from the wild west days of podcasting, I can gather my thoughts and focus on a single topic.

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Stay Awesome!

13 is my lucky number

When I was 13, many good things happened to me including moving from Minnesota to Colorado. Since then, the number 13 has always been my lucky number. Today marks the 24th year I’ve been with the company I’m at continuing the streak where 13 remains a lucky number for me. 🙂

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I’ve worn glasses my whole life.

I’ve learned since I was little to never take my sight for granted. If I’m not wearing corrective lenses, I’m effectively useless. Even so, I’ve never considered myself impaired because of it. Now that I’m older, on top of nearsightedness, I get to wear reading glasses. This was the super power I gained on my 50th birthday. WOO WOO!

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The Purge

I spent a good deal of time (more than I should have) paring down my lists of blogs I’m reading, youtube channels I’m subscribed to, and while I was at it, I went through my Twitter follows and FaceBook friends and started cleaning house.

This needed to be done. I won’t get into details. Just clearing the way for 2021 so I can more easily meet my goals for the year.

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Lazy Sunday

Today we went to my father-in-law’s. While the Mrs and her sister spent the day talking, my father-in-law and I watched football. I don’t always watch football, but when I do, it’s because someone else is watching and I’m watching with them.

On a sad note, we lost a friend to COVID today. Please be safe out there.

You know what I miss about movies?

I miss popcorn. I miss red vines. Gigantic screens, massive sound that rumbles my chest. Music so loud I feel like I’m there.

I didn’t mention it in the video, but I also miss being some where with other people. All enjoying the same thing. Cheering, crying, laughing, and getting scared. I miss almost everything about the movies except the sticky floors.

Also, a brief mention of Wonder Woman 84. I’ll do a Murdock Minute on this one soon enough.

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Friday Fiction: Golden West Book 1: Westward, Ho! – Episode 2

Audio Only: S01E02.mp3

Brief Update

Just a short ramble on the state of the YouTube Channel. My brain hasn’t been able to focus on writing, but we’ll get there. Of that I have no fear.