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Lazy Saturday.

What did I do today? Little to nothing. Biggest thing I did? Got a haircut from My Favorite Daughter. I’m about as lazy as this lizard I saw sunning itself today. Felt good to do nothing all day.

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Music fills my brain.

Out of everything that fills my brain, music is by far the easiest for me to remember. From way back when I was a little boy listening to School House Rock and TV Theme songs, until today when I can listen to screaming thrash metal and know every word. For some reason, music and lyrics stick in my brain.

Sure, we all get ear worms from time to time. Many of those can be annoying. For me, it’s different. I can hear a couple of notes from a song I hadn’t heard since ’73 and BAM! There’s the song, in my head as if I’d just heard it a few minutes ago. I don’t get it.

I’ll walk through the supermarket and I’ll start humming and it’ll be a polka tune. I haven’t been to a polka since I was 5 or 6. Why? Why are these songs there? How did they take up residency in my brain and refuse to leave?

I wish it worked like that with things like…spell? Math? The plots of my books. Grammar rules!

But no. My brain decided long about that it was a repository for music and that’s what it does. It remembers music. <sigh>

At any rate, on the writing front: Still progressing.

On the reading front, I picked up Scott Ian’s I’m The Man. I appear to be on an autobiography kick. I’ve got Suzy Quatro’s book in my queue as well. We’ll see what happens there.

I watched Q: Into the Storm this week while working out and finished it. I’m still letting that one soak into my brain before I think about if I want to write a review on that one or not. That’s all I’ll say about it for now.

It’s been a long week. I plan to get much done this weekend.

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A couple of books I recently read.

Back in the day, I was in a punk band. We weren’t very good, but we had fun. In between those fun times, there was in-fighting for creative control. I wanted more, the lead singer didn’t want to give it up. These things happen in a band. For us, it was minor, but I knew I’d never get my way in the band and I chose to leave.

Is this in any way like Dee Dee Ramone leaving the Ramones? Oh, hell no. Not even close. First of all, we weren’t anywhere close to being successful and likely would never be successful. It wasn’t in the cards for us.

For Dee Dee and Johnny, they were destined for worse. Sure, they had success and fame to go along with playing in a band, but there was always control issues with all 4 members of the band. Combined with heavy drug and alcohol abuse by all of them, it wasn’t anything destined to last.

It’s interesting reading both of these books and seeing the tone each of them takes. With Johnny’s book, Commando, you can feel the control issues. The anger. The passion he felt for the music and the complete desire to put up with anyone else’s BS.

From Dee Dee’s book, you can feel the anger of a person denied his childhood and wanting to find a way to express himself. The passion he put into his writing of songs and music both on guitar and bass. Where he brought the passion for music, Johnny brought the drive for success.

It’s also telling reading both books that this band wasn’t a tight-knit group that liked to go out and party and do their thing like you might read about some bands doing. They all very much did their own thing until it was time to record or go on stage. They were successful despite the fact they all hated touring, hated dealing with fans, hated dealing with others in the industry. All they wanted to do was escape reality and that’s where they all fell to heavy drug and alcohol usage.

These books don’t have happy endings. If you pick them up, don’t expect an uplifting story of how they struggled for success and finding it, were suddenly better off. Money only creates new problems for all of them that carried throughout their lives. Each book is a difficult read for that alone. Their lack of education doesn’t make the books any less compelling.

I would only recommend these books if you’re a big fan of the Ramones and you’d like to find about them. Other than that, these are depressing trips into the minds of people that succeeded when all the odds were against them, and then still couldn’t find a better reason for their lives.

If you’re looking for a book like that, check out Duff McKagan’s book, It’s So Easy. He had similar lows in his life, but found his way out. A far more elegant read.

All the links are below.

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More on topic than I thought I’d be…

When I started tonight’s video, I thought I’d be talking more about blurbs and the short stories I’m adding introductions to.

Well, I did spend a good portion of the video doing just that. The trip down memory lane as I think back to when I worked on a specific story has been a lot of fun. Adding those introductions is fun and I’m getting into a good flow.

That wasn’t the main point of the video and I do hope you take the time to watch it. My main point is…don’t wait to get started on something. Don’t wait until what you’re working on is absolutely perfect before you show it to the world. Don’t spend your hours agonizing if someone will love everything you produce.

This doesn’t matter if you’re talking about short stories, novels, paintings, digital art, YouTube videos. Everyone must start somewhere. The more you do that thing, the better you’ll get. There will always…ALWAYS be bumps along the road to success, but if you never start down the road, you’ll never know what you’re capable of accomplishing.

The point is, stop worrying and start producing. If you create art of any kind, share what you have, know it’s a snapshot in time of your talent at that moment, and move on to the next piece. Someone will find and love what you’re doing. It may not be a million people for your first piece, and that’s perfectly fine and completely normal.

I started this blog over 12 years ago. I’ve been a bad blogger. My intent is to change all that. I’m now trying to blog daily even if it’s a picture from the bird in the tree outside my window. I want to blog every single day and I’m on a 75 day streak. Consistency.

I’m trying to post a YouTube video M-F when I’m at home and able to record. I’m up to episode 114. Consistency.

And when I start publishing on May 5th, I have a schedule of what I’ll be putting out and when. This is helping me identify which works I need to have ready first so I can get those prepared and upload, and then I can commit time to the next piece and the next piece. The schedule will keep me on track so I can do what? Maintain consistency.

For me, consistency is the key. I’ve said it SO many times in so many posts and videos but is needs repeating even if I’m the only one hearing it. It’s impossible to get worse at doing something if you do it regularly. It’s impossible to get better at something if you never even start.

This blog had 40 followers when I started my latest streak 75 days ago. It’s now up to 100. I saw that number and thought something was wrong. It had to be, but 100 people are following. Let me thank you for being here and following my story.

My YouTube channel started with 5 followers in October. I’m nearly at 40.

My Anchor audio only version of the YouTube videos has one follower. I’m so happy that person is there! Thank you.

I have the expectation that when I drop GRPC book 2, my first book in far too long, I’ll sell one copy on the day it’s released and probably 0 copies for a long time thereafter. That’s my expectation. If I sell 0, I won’t be surprised. It I sell 2, I’ll be shocked. Honestly shocked.

I’ve been away from publishing for long enough that people wondered “What happened to Murdock?”

I’ve been inconsistent enough for people to lose interest in a long series that will likely never be finished. I’ve lost reader’s trust in my ability as an author.

How do I regain that trust?


I’m off to go make sure I don’t fall down on my face.

Until Next Time!

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Did a different show tonight.

Oh, yes, yes, I did record a 5 a Day With Jay, but I also met with a good friend of mine, Jack Mangan for (you can watch it here)

We spent an hour talking about metal songs that ran the decades and covered nearly every genre of metal. I had so much fun.

On the writing front, I’m still getting things ready for the May 5th release. I’m no longer anxious/scared/petrified. I’m excited. I’m eager to get the books and short stories rolling out. I’ll be doing a podcast interview next Monday with one of my writers group friends. I’ll also start reaching out to other podcasters and see about getting out there and doing more interviews.

I also need to update my Amazon author profile. I went from a guy that was randomly publishing books to a “What ever happened to?” author. I was never 100% satisfied with the books I put out and now that I’ve done a thorough cleaning and editing of the books, I’m much happier with the state their in. I’ve always loved the stories and I’m more excited than ever to get the out to people.

As always, I’m glad you’re here with me. This next year is going to go by so fast. I’m glad I started blogging again so I can chronicle the steps along the way.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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We are One Month Away!

I can’t believe that we’re almost there. One more month and I’ll start dropping content. I’ve got all the edits done. I’ve got the schedule redone. It’s about to happen. I’ve had this master plan inside my head for a few years now, but I’ve been apprehensive to pull the trigger and do it.

I was quite stressed about doing a book a month. Yes, I’m confident I could have kept up that schedule for a good-length of time, but I’m also confident that at some point, I would have a life roll and my production would grind to a halt causing me to stop altogether.

I don’t want that.

To keep my books rolling out, I’ve got a backlog and now I’ve got a schedule and a plan. I’m getting all the wheels greased and getting ready to push this thing down the hill. It’s hard to explain how excited I am to do this.

As I get ready to launch, I’m still watching courses, reading blogs, watching videos, on the next steps I need to make once I get books out there. Mostly, I want to get books and stories released before I worry about things like advertising. I do plan to do that, but it’s not something I’ll be doing in the next six months or so. We’ll see how the plan goes and how things change.

That said, I’m glad you here with me for the ride as I chronicle my journey. It’s going to be interesting even if I fail.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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Hoppy Easter

I hope you are well and had a wonderful Easter Sunday.

Here’s a picture of a bee.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

Going wide and slowing down.

The past couple of days has allowed me to do a lot of thinking away from the computer. Some changes and all of it good. I think.

First off, I’m going to slow down the planned release schedule. The more I look at the schedule I’ve laid out for myself, a release a week for 12-18 months, looks incredible on paper. It really does. I’d be excited to hold to that schedule.

That said, I don’t think it’s tenable. I think I’d get started and fall flat on my face because I’m trying to run too far too fast. There’s no hurry. There’s no rush. I have a limited audience (and if you can’t wait, let me know and I’ll send you books now!). With that limited audience, there’s no one banging down my door for the next release.

On top of that, I still have a family and a day job to content with. If I burn the candles at both ends, I’ll burn out quickly and this won’t be fun any more. I don’t want writing to be painful and beat me down. I want it to be fun. If that means I need to slow down and not pump out content at breakneck speed, so be it.

For writing, I would still like to get a book every 2 months done and on top of that, get 2 short stories per month written. This will keep me filled with backlog and should something happen that breaks my writing stride, I’ll still have a backlog to content with and keep content flowing without interruption.

Secondly, I’m not going exclusive with Amazon. I’ve given this a LOT of thought. I want to maintain control over what I’m doing with my stories and where they’re released. If I go exclusive with Amazon, I wouldn’t be able to participate in a book bundle, should I get an invite. I wouldn’t be able to sell direct from my website. There are so many other reasons, but mostly, with the amount of content I’m going to put out, I want to reach the most readers possible. I don’t think Kindle Unlimited is the way to do that. Again, if you’re desperate for my books and on a limited budget, drop me a note and we’ll work something out. Heck, join my beta readers team and you’re all set.

Thirdly, My Favorite Daughter got her first full-time position with what she’s calling “her dream company”. The company is based out of Hawaii and they have an office here in San Diego. She’ll be a Jr Graphics Designer with, for a starting salary, do quite nicely with her first job.

I wouldn’t be more excited for her. She applied and interviewed for this last year. After a series of interviews, the company put all hiring on hold. She reached out to them recently and jumped back into the interview process. She signed her paperwork today and starts toward the end of the month. It’s an exciting time for sure!

Finally, an update on my reading goal for 2021. I plan to read 40 books this year. Currently I’m sitting at 7 read. With all I did this month, and very little reading, I’m not concerned that I’ll miss this target. I finished Patrick McLean’s Manligator yesterday and started Dee Dee Ramone’s autobiography today. Can’t keep a good reader down.

I’m off to relax and read a little before bed.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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Not tonight…

Feeling a little under the weather. All edits are done, though. Next week I’ll start on blurbs and intros.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

Another short post.

My arm is still a little sore from the shot, but I’m feeling far better than yesterday. I’m nearly done with the edits for GRPC1 which will only leave GRPC2. I won’t have an issue getting that done tomorrow.

Met with my writer’s group this evening. Always great talking with them and thinking things through.

One of the big things on the top of my mind is…do I go WIDE with my distribution, or drop my books on Amazon and put them into Kindle Unlimited. Each has it’s own set of rewards and drawbacks. I’m waffling and I know it.

I can’t wait to get back to putting words on the page with will happen this week when I start working on blurbs and intros to each short story. That’ll be fun.

I’m still watching the WMG courses I signed up for and this is what’s tugging at my brain when it comes to distribution. AUGH!

At any rate, I need to get some rest.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

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