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Unorthodox Writing Tips on Get Published

My friend and co-author Mike Plested asked if I could do a segment for his Get Published podcast. So I did. There will likely be more in the future. If you haven’t listened to his podcast, this is a great one to start with. The interview is packed with great information that more than makes up for the lack of recording quality (we were near a construction area)

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Story over at EveryPhoto Tells

In case you missed it, I have a story over at Every Photo Tells. They did an awesome job with the voices. I’m so happy they did this story for them and even happier with the outcome.

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Episode 0 – Before we Begin

Special thanks to Kevin Radthorne for the cover of V & A Shipping.

Special thanks to Silent Mike for the Music.

Hope to drop the first actual episode on August 2nd (Sunday).

Episode 0

Please Stand By…

The following is a service announcement from the crew of the SS Acid Rat and V & A Shipping.

Please Stand By