Making friends.

Hanging out in Florida this week. Finding all sorts of critters to be friends with.

Travel Day.

Got up at 3:30am. Been going ever since. It’s now 11:30pm on the opposite coast. More pictures when the sun comes up.


Let me say, I love having a GoPro. No, I’m not a sports athlete. I’m not a life-changing adventurer. What I like to do with my GoPro is set it up, and take time lapse videos of the clouds, stars, sunsets, sunrises, oh…and nature.

This little fellow, when we were “camping” yesterday, ran up and started eating out of the dog’s food dish. Rather than throw the food out, because we weren’t going to let the dogs eat it, we left it out for the ground squirrels to take away.

I say “take away” because it was obvious they weren’t eating the food. Like the buddy above, they were packing their cheeks and running away. Oh, and I should clarify. At first there were two or three. Yes, we saw other holes and pock marks where lots of digging had happened. What we didn’t know was mom, dad, and baby were going to bring all their friends.

Over the course of an hour, they emptied out the dog bowl and water dish. I got about 20 minutes of it on video which I will edit, clean up, and post online one day soon. And by ‘they’ I mean there were probably a dozen of them coming and going, running food back to their holes. Big ones, small ones, middle-sized ones. Behind the one at the bowl, two or three would scuffle and run off. Lots of cheeps and yelps. It was quite interesting to watch.

We’re packing for another journey. We get up crazy early.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!


My Favorite Daughter and Hijo decided to go camping. I won’t go into too much detail, but the Mrs and I went up the mountain to hang out and spend time up there. There were walks, games, a campfire, and I’m exhausted.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

Boy Howdy is it warm.

The other day I was out and passed this train that I’ve many times over the years. It’s in La Mesa and on the way to the Dr’s office. If you recall, I went to get a test that came back negative. I’m a little apprehensive about a journey we’re about to take into the heart of the latest outbreak. All precautions will be taken by all involved.

As for the heat. Good golly it’s getting to me. Spent a majority of the day wanting to take a nap, but it was far too hot to do so. Combined with a headache that didn’t want to go away until a few minutes ago, it’s made for an exhausting day and we didn’t do anything. I hindsight, we should have turned the AC on.

Live and learn. You’d think after 50 years I’d be able to think through things like this.

My Favorite Daughter stopped by today to do some laundry. Was nice to have her and the puppies over again.

I need to relax for a while.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

It doesn’t fit!

The Mrs and I have had lengthy discussions about getting a new puppy. Or Two. Today My Favorite Daughter stopped by with Koda and Mya. It’s nice having puppies in the house again, but it’s also strange because you forget how needy and playful they can be. I had a couple of boxes set outside to take to the recycling. Mya decided they were toys and tried to bring them inside. Again. And again. And again. banging into the door.

Love the dog, but she’s not the brightest bulb.

This leads the Mrs and I to talk about getting a new dog. We miss Tootsie and Oreo. A lot. When My Favorite Daughter moved out, she took Koda with her. We went from 3 dogs and a daughter to an empty house in very short order. Of course, this means we need to refill the house.

Soon enough. There is lots going on.

I got some GREAT news at work. I cannot share it publicly. I will say, it’s given me a great boost and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.

I’m off to make some words happen. Maybe practice a little bass. Going to be a busy weekend.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

They grow up so fast.

I could hear the little bird chirping in the backyard, but he wasn’t in the same location. Earlier in the morning I saw mommy feeding him in the spot he was yesterday, so I was surprised he’d moved.

In the afternoon, when I went looking, I heard mommy in the tree and heard baby squeaking with its distinctive voice, but didn’t see it. I thought it had flown up into the tree also, but nope. Still on the ground.

I know one day very soon, it’ll be gone. I’m wondering now how many I missed as we have a tree fully of these little birds.

Baby Bird Update

This little guy blends in very well with the tree, the ground, the dead leaves. At first I thought he’d flown away, but he’s still around.

Let me start by saying I’m not a bird expert. Please don’t come here for bird advice. I’m doing the best I can and reading what to do online from bird experts. When I say I did ‘x’ it’s because that’s the advice I read on multiple sites.

First, the little bird is able to flutter around. Based on the type of bird, this normally happens 3-5 days before they can fly away and fend for themselves. Being that we first spotted the baby yesterday, it’ll be a couple of days before it’s taking wing.

Secondly, where it was hiding is in full sunlight. I carefully captured it and moved it to the backyard which isn’t far from the front yard (just over the fence). It’ll be in a more shaded area. It does squawk loudly. If it’s hungry, mom or dad will come to feed it. I did not give it food or water. That’s its parents job.

The main reason I moved it, it was sleeping in direct sunlight. Even if it were on the ground, direct sunlight. I found the worst possible spot to hang out on one of the hottest days of the year. Therefore, I moved it.

The goal was to not stress it out. I calmly cupped my hand over it to keep it from flapping and scooped it up. It clung to my finger and watched me closely. I moved it to the other side of the fence so it’s still close enough for mom and dad to hear it should the look for it. This area also has grass and shade to keep it cool.

As I’d said, it’s fluttering around, so it’s almost ready to strike out on its own. According to the website, 3-5 days after they first start to flap around, they’ll be ready to fly on their own. Today it only day 2. We’ll give it a couple of more days before we start to worry about it. At least I know it wasn’t a baby that fell from the nest. Those, normally, don’t survive.

At any rate. I’m happy to help this critter.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

This will stop soon enough.

I’m still in my lack of sleep, high stress life right now. I am working my way out of it soon enough.

I am getting words down. I am exercising. So I’m taking care of what needs taking care of.

But I still have this cough. I’m still not sleeping well. I really want thing to return to normal.

Therefore I am cutting back on many things to keep my thoughts and focus clear. I apologize for the lack of quality posts.

In other news, saved a baby bird from the back yard. It can fly a little, but not well. Made it from the front yard, where I’d seen it hanging out on one of the plants, and into the backyard.

My Favorite Daughter and Hiji are here so they have the dogs with them. When they left, Mya, the Sheppard, was poking around the backyard and I heard some weird screeching. It was the baby.

I took her back to the front yard and put her in a tree while I looked around for a nest. I didn’t find one and will look for the baby in the morning. Hopefully the story will have a happy ending.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

A dip in activity.

I’ve noticed a couple of things. This week has been an experiment of sorts. There are a few changes. First, I’m not putting in an image with the posts. I’m not doing 5-a-Day-With-Jay. I’m not posting audio. I’m not linking from FaceBook.


I wanted to see what would happen to the traffic to the site. I know not everyone jumps here for one central location. Given that the traffic is already low, I wanted to see how it would be impacted if I changed and went back to a plain-text blog. I’ve see those results, therefore there will be minor changes going forward.

First off, 5aDwJ isn’t coming back. I will continue YouTube videos, but it will take on a different style. I’ll be doing it weekly. This will begin sometime in August. This will include an audio version along with it.

I will also begin to put images on the posts again. Those are useful.

For now, I’m taking it easy, getting myself back into my writing. I’ve still got this cough. Still working on a big hand off from work. Still a LOT going on. Therefore, the posts this week will be short. The next few weeks they may be short. I would stop, but I’m on a 190 streak, so I don’t want to break that streak.

I’m off to go make words happen.

Until next Time!

Stay Awesome!