An interesting weekend.

Yesterday we said good bye to a friend who’d passed away from COVID after receiving her last round of chemo. Then went to my father-in-law’s where most of the family got together for a great evening.

We spent Sunday puppysitting. I also started playing through Crysis. I wanted to play through the entire series so I started from the beginning.

A lot of weekend happened. I’m tired. I’ll talk to you again tomorrow.

Short Post today.

Went to a service for a friend that passed from COVID a few months ago. She was a mom from my daughter’s elementary school. It was good to see some of the other parents and get caught up, but sad to say good bye.

Were having a BBQ (in Mexico it’s called having a Carne Asada). Much of the family will be there. First big get together in quite a while.

In the between time I finished reading an essay by Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Black Cop’s Kid. Great short read. I’m ready a few other essays and short stories by authors of color because I feel this is a bit of a lacking in my reading material.

Hope you’re having an awesome weekend.

I almost recorded tonight.

I sat down and almost got set up to record. Though I’m feeling quite run down at the moment. I wasn’t sure if it was the heat, plain mental exhaustion, or what. I didn’t want to end the week on a down note.

Then it occurred to me. Hey, my arm hurts. Oh yeah! I went in and got my hearing checked today. I have bad tinnitus and wanted to see how badly it impacted my hearing. Turn out, not at all. For my age, my hearing is above normal. Color me surprised.

As I went into the building for the testing, there was a tent outside. I stopped there on the way back to the car. I got my flu shot and completely forgot about it. The process was so quick and simple (and at the time painless) that I didn’t even think about it.

Even though I’m feeling quite tired and a little bedraggled, I’m happy I got the shot. I’ve also scheduled myself for my Moderna booster as well as a consultation if I should get the Shingles vaccine.

I’m off to blow things up in a video game for a while.

Until Next Time!

Stay Awesome!

Lightning Vampires

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Busier than planned evening.

Good evening and welcome to 5 a day with Jay. I’m your host, J.R. Murdock. Thank you so much for joining me.

Um…wait a minute. Where’s the camera? Oh, that’s right. It’s way late and I’m not recording.

A lot happened tonight that got me far more tied up than intended. Therefore I did not record this evening.

Two short stories did, however drop. You can pick them up here:

I’m off to get a good night’s sleep. I wonder if I’ll dream about Lightning Vampires again. I’ll explain in tomorrow’s episode.

Hey Jay! Where You At?

I’m right here!

But seriously, I was helping My Favorite Daughter deliver something and get some stuff from the hardware store for a project she’s working on. Spent some time watching TV with my wife and relaxing This evening.

Here’s a picture I took of the moon a couple of days ago. 5 a Day With Jay will happen tomorrow.

Something My Mom Told Me…

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Tres Catrinas

I know many who read and follow this blog don’t live in San Diego. Please pardon me while I rave about a recent dining experience.

I have great sisters-in-law. One, Gloria, we see nearly every weekend. Almost every weekend, we go somewhere great to have breakfast, or lunch, or dinner. While we intended to go out to breakfast today, we wound up having lunch/brunch. More lunch than anything.

Tres Catrinas is in the Chula Vista mall where Uno pizzeria used to be. It’s only been there for a couple of months, and being that we live in El Cajon, we hadn’t been there or seen it yet. Gloria recommended we give it a try.

It was early afternoon on a Sunday so it wasn’t busy and we got a seat right away. Given the time, this wasn’t a concern. We were too taken in by the artistry of the place to stop and think about anything other than, “Wow! This place is beautiful!”

Jay with one of the Catrinas.

The menu isn’t cluttered with 1000 different options. It’s simple enough that you can pick one thing and go for it. Being that I’m mostly vegan, I chose sopes and the vegan empanadas. Oh my did I choose wisely.

Being that these both were appetizers, I figured it’d be enough for a meal and even some to share with my wife and Gloria. Boy, was I wrong! There were far bigger than I expected, but that didn’t slow me down. Each came with freshly prepared sauces. Yummy! Don’t ask for hot sauce because you won’t need it. These sauces were spicy, fresh, and delicious!

My wife ordered the breakfast burger with chipotle tots. Oh! Oh my. NOM NOM NOM! Those tots were amazing!

The portion was enough that she had some to bring home for later.

Even the drink menu is great with plenty of different cocktails to choose from. I forget what my wife and Gloria ordered, but they looked wonderful.

I didn’t get a picture, but Gloria for the Chilaquies. There’ve been times we’ve gone to places and you get a plate of soggy chips in sauce. Not here. The chips were still crispy and the plate steamy! The food came fast and all of it was hot and ready to eat. Such service!

Our server told us they had live music many days during the week and asked if we’d like to see that area. I thought, oh? There’s more to this place? We must see! Certainly we must!

We finished eating and were introduced to the owner who pointed out the first Catrina (see picture above) and the second Catrina in the main dining room. But where was the third? This was a mystery that must be solved! Where could she be!

She was in the section of the restaurant where the live music happens! An area that’ll soon be expanded to accommodate additional capacity and perhaps a dancing floor. We will be going back. yes we will.

From the friendly staff, the great food, and the lure of live music, this place was fantastic on every level. And they have vegan options! What more could you ask for? You simply must give this place a try.

Some pictures and some progress.

First some pictures. First is cell phone, no zoom. Second is cell phone full zoom. Last is cell phone with binocular attachment. Please pardon the blurriness. I didn’t use a tripod and at that distance, everything is blurry when the whole thing is shaking (even slightly). I’m having fun with both the binoculars and taking pictures. One day I’ll invest in a good camera for picture taking 🙂

Lastly for the day, I got some page updates done. All books and short stories are now listed. I didn’t like to any other book sellers other than Amazon at this point. Perhaps in the future.

I’m off to go make some words happen. Have an excellent weekend!

Agendaless talk.

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