V & A Shipping – Episode 5

Chapters 17-20

Vic, Joey, June and Argmon continue on their way while B.T. Justice has other plans.

V & A Shipping – Episode 5

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  1. If you have not listened to this episode, this is your spoiler warning, leave while you can!

    ***Everything below is spoiler***

    Alright, I have an objection. It’s not a story-killer, since it’s relatively unimportant to current events, but…
    Vic says: “We were actually able to find our old houses…”
    What? In the decayed remains of 30th or 40th century Earth without a map of any kind, they found their way to their houses that were almost certainly destroyed in some way or another (decay over time, replaced with another structure, blown up in the umpteenth World War, California fell off into the ocean, demolished for a bypass, or any number of other things) during the last eight thousand years?

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