My mobile life

I recently got a smart phone. I’m quite excited about that. Normally when I go somewhere I will just sit and wait or read. Not that reading is a bad thing. But having a smart phone means I can now do more things while I wait. For example: this blog post. I’m not at home yet I can post to my blog.
Yes yes I realize that people have had this ability for some time, but the experience is a new one for me.

With releasing my first book via e-book and print I thought it would be best to please my inner geek and enter the future. Even though my fingers keep hitting the wrong keys over and over I know that this will get easier with practice. Just like everything else.

I just wanted to post this quick note to say I no longer have any excuses for not getting up a weekly blog post. No matter where I am I will be able to find the time to post to my blog. So until next week WOOWOO!

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