Unorthodox Writing Tips?

Am I professional writer? No. Have I written before? Yes. Do I intend to tell you how to write? Not exactly.

See, I’m not a professional so I don’t want to fill your head with a lot of regurgitated knowledge that I’ve accumulated from a large number of books, biographies, and writing newsletters. I’ve been subscribed to many writing podcasts. I’ve read many writing blogs. They all seem to try and do the same thing. Teach you the ‘how’ of writing or the ‘how’ of getting published.
That’s not my goal here.

My goal is to assist you with the process of writing. To help you before, during, and after you write. To help you get into that writing mindset when writer’s block is hanging on your back like an unwanted hump and keeping you from doing what you truly want to do. I want to help you when you truly feel like you cannot possibly type another letter on you Work In Progress (WIP) because you have so many distractions, you have so much on your mind, there are so many other easier things you could be doing.

Have I always been successful? No. I won’t lie to you. I recently spent a long time fighting to get my writing mojo back on track. There are little things that I did to help and they’ve been helping me a lot. I’ve been writing on and off for nearly twenty five years. It’s the off part that has always bothered me and I intend to stop the off part by putting out this newsletter and keeping myself interested in the art of writing by sharing with you my trials and tribulations.

The advice won’t always be up front and laid out. What’s the fun of being told “do this, now do that, now do the other thing.” For you and me that’d be dull. I can guarantee that. So instead I might tell a story, write a metaphor, use simile, perhaps I’ll go completely askew and take you somewhere you hadn’t expected. My grammar may not always be correct, my punctuation may make you cringe, but I hope my message comes across.

Let me answer a couple of questions up front.

Q) Will I podcast this series?
A) Yes. At some point I will begin this as a podcast series.

Q) How long will these be?
A) Short. I intend to keep the length of the blog from 500-1500 words. That will keep the podcast under 10 minutes.

Q) Will there be interviews?
A) No. This is just my advice on how I keep myself interested, creative, and motivated.

Q) How often will this appear?
A) If all goes well a new one will drop every Wednesday.

Q) Will there be room for guest blog posts?
A) In the future that is a distinct possibility. Interested? Got an obscure method for writing? Contact me!

So now you know a little bit about me and what I plan on doing here. I hope you’ll stick around. Writing is fun and if you’re like me and fallen off the wagon from time to time, don’t feel alone. Writing is a rewarding challenge.

Until next week!



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