Daily Update: A New Kind of Pain

A few days ago when I started walking I mentioned that I recognized a pain usually labeled “No pain, no gain” and a pain that said “SOMETHING IS WRONG”. Today I suffer from the former.The past two days I jogged a little during my run and greatly increased the pace at which I complete my nearly three mile circuit. I also said I run on my toes, not heel-toe as many people do. So yesterday I was a little stiff in the calf muscles, today I’m a lot stiff. I have been stretching and will continue stretching.

On the plus side, the shin splints I suffered from seem to have mostly been alleviated. That makes Jay a very happy boy. The only pain I get in my shins is during the walking portion of my walk if I extend my stride too much and I know continued walking will eventually make that pain subside as well.

Do I feel fit yet? Heavens no. Not really even close. Even though I’m jogging, I’m not running. It’ll take time to get there. How much weight have I lost? No idea. I honestly don’t even have a starting point. My goal is to get into better shape. Not lose weight. One will follow the other naturally. I’m not going to stress if I’m a pound or two overweight. I will stress if I stop working out.

Good habits are difficult to form and easy to break. Bad habits are easy to form and difficult to break.

My favorite daughter didn’t have practice last night. I had intended to write a lot. That didn’t happen. I did find time from 9-9:30 to crank out 800 words for a story (written in interview form) for the Mad Scientist Handbook Anthology. I also did a little editing on Kance Encounter, the short story I’ll be releasing at the end of this month.

On the Action Pack news front: I’ve procured a friend to do some music for each segment in the podcast. I’ll have to find some transition music/sounds for each scene transition inside of one of the works. Just thinking out loud here. You can ignore me if you like.

On the workplace front: Today I hit 15 years with AT&T. Although I’ve had some complaints over the years I have to say that the choices I’ve made in my career have helped me a lot and made for a fulfilling time. I started out as a member of the CWA (Union) and quickly moved on to management. I am NOT a supervisor, but instead I am an independent contributor. For those that don’t know me, I develop internal web applications for AT&T. I freakin love my job.

Speaking of loving my job, time I got at it.

Until Tomorrow.


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