Daily Update: Long Day.

Last night we drove up to L.A. (Anehiem) for my favorite daughter’s first travel team’s volleyball tournament. To make a long story short, many mistakes were made by all the girls and it was a painful first outing. This was not the same team I’ve been watching practice since early December.

Enough about that. I could go on and on, but I won’t. It was a learning experience for the girls and they still had a great time. Our next one is in two weeks and we’ll be better prepared.

I was going to write a blog post on the road, but we got up early and got moving quickly. There was much discussion between the parents in between matches. Basically there was little time to do anything so I didn’t post until now. Suffice to say, today was a day off from walking. It’s far too cold right now and I’m already pooped. Yesterday was almost a day off from writing, but I did manage to get a blog post out as well as an Unorthodox Writing Tips. Tonight we’re back home and I’ll be sitting down and writing soon.

I have many things in the works. I feel good about all that I have going on. As things happen I’ll make sure you know about them as quickly as they happen. At the end of this month both my home life and my writing life will be going full speed ahead and I’m excited to see if happen. I need to spend as much time sitting and writing as I can. I need to increase my word output dramatically. A thousand a day just won’t cut it. I was happy when I noticed that I was a little ahead, but I’d like to be much further ahead. Look for numbers to start jumping.

Speaking of writing, I think that’s enough for now. Tomorrow I’ll have a story about the Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station where I did a couple years of security duty while in the Navy. Obviously I can’t tell anything about the people or operations of the base, but I have some interesting anecdotes as well as a couple of ghost stories. Being that we drove by the weapons station on our way to and from the volleyball tournament, all these memories came rushing back. I had fun sharing them with the wife and my favorite daughter.

I’m off to go make words happen

Until Next Time!


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