Daily Update: A weekend alone

So I spent a moajority of the weekend alone. The wife and my favorite daughter took the mother-in-law and one of the sister-in-laws up to Lemoore for the weekend. No, not because of the farmland smell, but because one of the nieces is up there with some of the great-grand kids. They had a wonderful time and I got some much needed rest.

I had great plans for lots of writing mixed in with some laundry and cleaning. I got lots of cleaning and laundry done. I got a little bit of writing done. The odd thing, I clean better alone. I write better when the wife and my favorite daughter are around. I have a tendency to goof off, watch TV, and not do what I intend to do. Still I was about to write a few thousands words over the weekdn so I was proud of that.

I also intened to write this post this morning. Perhaps walk. It did rain much of the weekend which has two effects on me and my head. One is I get really stuffed up to the point of pain. Two is I get drowsy. Compiled with the stress of last week with getting up earlier than normal for work and Sputter truck becoming dying truck, I spelt almost 12 hours each night. I am SO refreshed and my brain is back on track.

I need to do some editing during the week on both Jack Kane, My Action Pack story, and my Of Gnomes and Dwarves story. I have a lot of projects all in the works and I need to make sure they all stay on track. Dan Absolonson said that he’ll have the cover art to me soon. That means I need to get the contents of the book compiled.

I’ve got a couple of stories out in the wild as well as a few books. All I can say is waiting really sucks. I know it’s part of the business and I need to keep pressing forward, but waiting to hear word about a story or book that’ out there is painful.

Speaking of painful. The pain in my shins is subsiding. Walking over the weekend, and by walking I mean around the house, hurt less and less. I’ll start wandering around the neighborhood again on Monday. I’ll slow my pace back down and work up slowly this time. I got a little excited about running that I did what I didn’t want to do and that’s hurt myself.

I also intend to blog on a more positive note. Yes, I’ve been down, but I don’t want to have this blog be depressing. So If I’ve gotten you down, sorry about that. Look for happier posts next week.

Until Tomorrow!


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