Daily Update: Yesterday was a Good Day

Yes, I said it. Yesterday was a good day. Not just good, but awesome!

Knowing that we were going to pick up Sputtery Truck made me happy. Driving it home made me even happier. Writing made me elated.

Sputtry Truck:

It runs quieter than it had, but it was already warmed up because they were ready to close and were moving it .Regardless it felt smoother on the road. The wife and my favorite daughter followed me home. I did have to pull over and stop at one point. I had looked at the engine after pulling out and I didn’t secure the hood all the way. I got a call “Oh no! What’s wrong?” Fortunately I just had to re-open and slam the hood closed.

I did hit a bumpy patch on the road that made the whole truck shimmy and shake and I thought for just a moment that something may be wrong. I took my foot off the accelerator and all was fine once again. So SPuttry Truck, as it will no and forever be known as, is back home. The person who replaced it for me said he’s replaced this engine in other vehicles before which made me feel better about doing the entire engine vs the head gasket(s). I asked him about the Tahoe and he said those engines were beasts and I shouldn’t have any trouble with it at all. The transmission, on the other hand. I may be seeing him again, just hopefully not any time soon.


I put out a couple of blog posts yesterday. I’m having fun writing some of these and the memories that come up while I write. It’s a great way to purge some information. All in all yesterday was a 3000 word day. Today should be similar. Or so I hope. It is Friday after all.

While lying in bed last night I decided to not play angry birds or read while I went to sleep and instead decided that I’m going to write a little on a story before I go to bed. I didn’t want to work on any of my WIPs and I had an idea for a new story. It’ll mostly likely be around 15,000 words when done. It’ll be more YA/Middle Grade. Just putting down the first 100 words before I couldn’t keep my eyes open was fun. I’ll be working on this a little each night and we’ll see where it goes.

Other WIPs are also progressing. Now that Sputtery Truck is home I feel much more relaxed. Words just seem to flow now. This makes me happy on several levels. The end of last month was a bad one for trying to write and looking at my word count, it’s reflected there.

I still need to get Kance Encounter out and begin work on Second Kance. I’m excited for the sequel. This one will be a little longer than the first. These stories are helping fuel my brain to get back into the Of Gnomes and Dwarves universe that I created so long ago. I can’t wait to begin the re-write (and by re-write I mean starting over from word one, not editing what I had before). I’d written four books and I will be self publishing them. I hope to start putting them out next year.

I have so many projects I’m working on now and many all at the same time. It’s difficult NOT to be excited about sitting and writing. If I feel stuck on one and need to think about a resolution I can hop to another and put words down to get it moving along. I wasn’t a fan of working on multiple projects at one time, but I’m seeing the allure. Now that my brain is mostly stress free, words should flow!

Holy Carp, this post is getting long. I’ll save some words for tomorrow.

Until Tomorrow!



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  1. I’ve started writing in Evernote so I can write anywhere and have it synchronized. I wanted too sooner but until Android app had autosave it was too dangerous. I lost some sermon notes but thankfully I was only listening and wasn’t the preacher :p Now that it saves though I’m happy. Wrote a couple really short stories only so far.

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