Daily Update: Still no Check Engine Light

Been a busy morning. I’ve driven the truck several times. The check engine light is not on at this point though it normally takes 2-3 days to reappear. I’m hopeful, but still watching the dashboard waiting. It’s a painful wait which is why I drove it every chance I had. It’s parked now and I’ll revisit it tomorrow morning and take it for a short jog around the neighborhood. It’s running smooth.

I’ve never been a huge sports fan. I follow a couple of teams, but that’s about as far as it goes. Sadly the teams I’ve followed over the years have been mostly disappointing. Until today I wasn’t even sure who was playing in the super bowl. I had my interests going in other directions and it wasn’t important to me who was playing today. Even the half-time show I’ll most likely skip as I can’t stand Madonna or anything about her as a person. I’ll spend my time today watching the game, eating as much as I possibly can, and enjoying the company of family and friends.

Tomorrow I’m back hard and heavy into writing. I’m up for the month and on a good streak, I just need to keep it going. I’m happy with the works I’m working on and where each of them is at. I have momentum on my side. Just need to maintain.

Long post tomorrow. Today was just crazy busy, but I want to keep my streak of daily posts going. So far, it’s all good news and happy days.

Until Tomorrow!


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