Daily Update: Oh yes I did!

The past couple of days I’ve written over 3000 words. What does that mean? It means I’m now caught up to my annual target. Well, I’m not caught up for today, but once I write today’s words I’ll be on target once again.

What does this mean?

It means I’m going to keep pushing and try to get AHEAD of my target so I don’t let this happen again. My favorite daughter has a tournament next weekend and I need to be ahead for those days. So I’m going to keep pushing today and this week to get ahead.

So where did all those words go? A good chunk went here, of course, and into My Teacher is a Zombie. I’m over 10000 words on that story now and pushing ahead nicely. I’m into the final battle scene (you knew there had to be a zombie battle scene, right?) and then I’ll wrap up a conclusion. This was a very fun story to write.

My next work will also be a short piece. I can’t wait to dig in. I’ve done my research and the work will be under 5000 words. Can’t wait do write it up. I can’t say what it is just yet, but trust me, I’ll be yelling at the top of my lungs once I can.

This afternoon I’ll be recording my Action Pack piece. Then I’ll be bugging Mr. Roche for his part. I also need to record my part for the promo. Today will be a lighter writing day and a heavier recording day. My favorite daughter has practice for at least 3 hours today. That’ll give me some time.

Now that I’m caught up with my writing I’ll be splitting my writing time between writing and editing Jack Kane. Yes, I’ve been slow on those edits, but once I dig in, it’ll go quickly. I find it fun to switch hats and when I do it between works, it’s even more fun. I’ll change the Jack Kane progress meter from word count to page edits soon.

Short update today. There is a lot to do and I’ve better get at it. So…

Until Tomorrow!


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