Daily Update: Oil Change.

I own two large vehicles. A chevy tahoe and a dodge Ram. I don’t drive a lot so gas prices never really bothered me. The confuse the hell out of me though. I’ve watched them go up steadily over the years and never understood why.
I know about supply and demand. I get that. But we’re dependent on and artificial supply problem. Gas companies seem to use any excuse to raise prices and it’s not fair.
Prices before the war in Iraq were below $2 and were for a very long time. The war had no real impact on supply but oil and gas companies used it as an excuse to more than double the price then post record high profits. I just don’t know why more people aren’t outraged about this.
Perhaps a lot of people are like me. You don’t think about it until you are at the pump or like now when you get an oil change.
The cost of gas is crazy. The cost an oil change not so much. The prices has gone up over the years but is has more to do with the services they offer as you can still find cheap oil changes. There is competition for your business.
Back to gas stations, if one raises its price everyone raises their prices. Almost as if they’re all colluding to pull one over on the general public. Again I don’t understand why there isn’t more outrage about this.

Personally I’d like to see more alternate fuel vehicles developed as I am not sold on battery powered cars. I mean what are they going to do with all those batteries in a few years when they need to be replaced?

On a lighter note my favorite daughter is taking a Pre SAT test today. She’ll be there for a couple hours and I’m doing the oil change / car wash. Figures I could make use of a little quite time and do my daily blog post.

Yesterday was a good day for writing. I was only 136 words shy of my 2000 word goal. Let’s see how close I can get today.

Until tomorrow!

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