Daily Update: Out of Town

Yesterday was an adventure that started very late in the day. I had spent the day with the wife and my favorite daughter. Then I had to pack up and fly up to Oakland and drive to San Ramon.

I got to the airport early thinking I’d be able to get a better seat if I did. Oddly enough I was one of the last people to board the plane. I’ll have to figure out how to get a better seat on the return trip. I did, however, manage to write around 900 words while waiting for the plane.

It’s nice to see that the airlines don’t have weight restrictions for their stewerdesses anymore. Ours weren’t deathly thin and did their jobs well. One even helped rearrange luggage so I could stow mine as many people had taken up far more space than they needed to.

As soon as the green light was given to turn on electronics I fired up the laptop and went back to writing. I wrote another 800 words on the plane and even got in some editing. I declined a beverage, but took the offered pretzles. In hind sight this was a mistake.

Once I had consumed the pretzles I moved the trash as best I could from one hand to the next. In doing so dumped the remaining salt onto the netbook’s keyboard. <sigh> I dumped, I blew. I pressed the keys really hard. Still a couple of keys stuck a little as I typed.

You’d be amazed how often you use the keys that are unavailable. I didn’t think it was going to be much of an issue until I started hitting the C key for all I was worth until I heard a crunch of the salt bursting into tiny bits.

I also got a good 20 minutes of editing in on Jak Kane. I hope to do more writing and editing tonight. I’m in a great groove right now and I don’t want to slow down at all. Yesterday was a 2800 word day and I feel great about that.

After landing in Oakland it was the usual wait for everyone else to get off the plane before I could disembark. Getting my bag out was a lot easier than putting it in.

The crosswalks in the Oakland Airport talk to you. They say “Walk, gotta get on” I had to listen several times, but this is what it sounded like they said.

My rental car, the ecomony model, is from Washington. At least I feel like I traveled furthen than I did. It’s automatice and very no frills.

My navigator guided me down a long winding road in the dark, and thankfully not in the rain. I had gotten off the freeway almost as soon as I had gotten on and thought the Solar Flare was still playing its games with me, but no. I made it to the hotel. Apparently I had gotten the more direct route vs the freeway route. I’m sure in the day time it’s quite senic.

Today I’ll be in training all day. In fact I should get going. Don’t want to be late.

Until Tomorrow!


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