Daily Update: A Great weekend.

During the week I spend a great deal of time sitting in front of the computer. I work all day on my laptop, and I’ll write during the evening on either the laptop, netbook, tablet, heck, sometimes even on my phone.

This weekend I wrote very little. Yesterday was a BEAUTIFUL day. I slept in a little bit and finally got off my behind and took a surfboard over to The Millican’s house. Let me explain what’s up with the surf board as I’m not a surfer, you might wonder what the heck I was doing with a board.

Last year My daughter, The Millican’s son and daughter, all graduated (okay, okay, progressed) from 8th to 9th grade. They completed middle-school. So there was a ceremony. The wife and I were on the committee for all the events leading up to the completion including setting up for the ceremony. As a group we had decided to do a Hawaiian theme. We had a cool backdrop for the stage, fake plants, tiki torches, a grass skirt for the the stage and finally surf boards.

The Millican and I (on his suggestion I might add) decided to look for used boards. They didn’t need to be in great shape because we were going to cut, sand, prime, and paint them. Once all that had been completed, stands were build and each of the three ‘teams’ at the school had their own board. One for UCLA, Excel, and Dream Team. The boards were painted by one of the other moms in the group and they looked awesome. I know I have a picture somewhere and I’ll point them at some point.

So all that was last year. Back in October, I think, one of the teachers at the middle school contacted the ‘other’ mom and I about doing another board. One of the teams had changed their name (Dream Team went back to the Aztecs) and they were wondering if we could make them a board.

*note: We had donated everything to the school so they could be re-used.

Of course the task was accepted. Sadly with everything in my life in flux, and the holidays, much time had passed and I’d almost forgotten about the surf board living in my garage. So with such a great day yesterday I hauled the board over to the Millican’s house and we cut off the fins and tow cord, scrapped off the old wax (Not sure if it was Mr. Zogg’s or not) and sanded it to rough it up. Them a couple coats of primer and it was over to the ‘other’ mom’s house for painting. Once she’s done I’ll pick it up, I’ll go to the middle-school to fetch the Dream Team stand, and I’ll (with the Millican’s help) mount the new board. I will post pictures. 🙂

After this one hour job was completed (in about 3-4 hours) I was pooped. I headed home, took a shower, and the wife and the Millican’s wife made some awesome fish tacos. With a full belly and the need to do something that wasn’t sitting in a movie theater, the Millican and I headed off to a local casino and played in the poker tournament. I busted out when the shoved all in from the small blind with Q 10 diamonds on a flop of J 9 7 (two diamonds). The big blind called with A 7 and the race was on. I had an open-ended straight draw and flush draw plus two over cards to his pair. I hit my 10 on the turn. It was looking good. I didn’t have to dodge much. The 7 on the river sucked big time.

There was some slot play. The wife and the Millican’s wife dropped off the girls at the movies and joined us for slots of fun. I headed back in to play some $1/$2 No Limit Hold ’em. I was up, I was down, I hit a few good hands, and after about 3 hours of play I was up around $20. Heck, I was happy I didn’t bust out. I took no bad beats, but I did make some bad chases that didn’t pan out and cost me more than they should have. I haven’t played in a long time and it was nice to see some action. I saw a few people at my table get felted and I managed to nearly felt one person (Felt: To take the last of a players chips leaving him nothing but the felt of the table under his/her hands).

Got home and to bed around midnight. Got up at 4:45am because my favorite daughter had a volleyball tournament. The girls didn’t wake up for the first games and lost the match by making a few too many mistakes. They redeemed themselves by showing up for the second match and winning 2 of three. The final match they played well. They lost the first game, won the second game, and had an 8 point lead on the final game at 12 – 13. They managed to lose 15-13. It was quite depressing, but they did play well for the most part.

My favorite daughter is sitting next to me working on a couple of assignments for school. I typed up a great essay for her (she wrote it, I just typed it) and now she’s working on props for a report on Artemis. The wife is helping a little with the artwork (painting what my favorite daughter drew) and my favorite daughter is working on the bow.

Me? I’m writing up about this great weekend and the moment I’m doing I’m going to jump back into My Teacher is a Werewolf. Yes, I’m way behind on my Lent goal, but hey, I really enjoyed my weekend. I’ve still got the poker bug, but I have a lot of writing I want to get done this year. So if I’m going to get it done, I’d better say…

Until Tomorrow!


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