Daily Update: Hitting my goal.

As the month plods on (and Lent is coming closer to a close) the ability to hit my writing goal of an average of 2000 words a day during Lent looks like it’ll be harder and harder to achieve. That being said I did hit 2000 words yesterday. I’m not going to stress out about not hitting the overall goal because I know if I start to worry about it I’ll never make the goal at all. Instead I’m content to just keep typing away and seeing where I am at the end of it all. Why stress out over what I cannot control, right?

One thing I have noticed over the past couple of months of typing each and every day; I type faster. Sure, this makes sense to you, but for me it’s bordering on amazing. I mean, I knew I typed quickly before. I’m one of those annoying people in IM that will type three or four things before a person has a chance to type up on. I usually have to wait for a person to respond.

So typing up these daily blog posts has been cathartic and useful. It’s getting my brain in sync with my fingers. I’m not sure how quickly I can type. If the backspace key counted I’m sure I’d type a lot faster. More often than not I’m sitting here waiting for my brain to think of something to say and once it’s got that figured out BAM! It’s typed up and ready to go. One of these days I’ll an online typing test and see what kind of speed I’m clocking in at. In fact, hold on one moment.

Well that was fun. I took a quick test over at http://www.typingtest.com and according to it I’m typing at 59 words per minute. It was quick, but a couple of the words in the test either threw me off or there were symbols I don’t normally type and had to pause and think about what to hit. I’m sure I can improve on that, but I just need a little more practice. I’ll check again in a couple of months and see where I’m at.

I should write up an unorthodox writing tips on the three Ts of writing, typing, tracking, spelling. Hmm, ok, I’ll work on that last one. I’m not very good at spelling to begin with. I’m so thankful for Word (and Scrivener) to correct many of my mistakes. Now if I could get word usage down better and learn some more rules of grammar I might be able to be a writer some day. Some day. J

Last night I went to The Millican’s son’s Lacrosse game. It was great to see him playing against one of his buddies from the club them they were on. I didn’t think he was going to ‘poke check’ his friend as they were on the same side of the field, but apparently there are no friends on the field. That game on the surface looks like an easy enough game, but wow is it physical. I’m going to do an Unorthodox Writing Tips on watching a high school sporting event. I have a blast.

Tonight I’ll be going to see The Millican’s other Freshman kid (the daughter) in a track meet. I used to run track (and cross country) oh so many years ago. I love track and field. She does the hurdles and they’ve said she’s done really well. I’m excited to go and watch.

We’ll see how much writing I can get done while I’m there. I think I’ll bring along my netbook because afterwards it’ll be time for my favorite daughter to go to volleyball practice. Today is going to be another long, long day. I should probably get started on it. So…

Until Tomorrow!



Side Note: Someone asked what I’m using to track my words counts on the side there. Here’s the URL. http://www.critiquecircle.com/wordmeterbuilder.asp. It allows you to customize your own tracker look and feel. Got questions on how it works, feel free to ask me.

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