Daily Update: Another long day.

 Today blew by! I mean I really lost track of time today. I got a lot of work done. You know that day job stuff. I demoed my progress for the client again. I’ll do the same next week. I’m happy with the progress. Fixed a few errors, corrected a couple odd and slow queries. It was one of those good days to be a geek.

 My favorite daughter decided to have a friend over. She’s going to have a beach day tomorrow. If you’re not from San Diego you think every day in San Diego is a beach day. I’m from Minnesota. I used to think that. Sure, it’s warmer here than in Minnesota this time of year, but that doesn’t mean it’s beach weather. The currents come from the north to feed us very cold water. The water temps are very cold year round and when you get that wind whipping up off that cold water. Brrrr!

 Yes, I wear shorts nearly all year. I also wear flip flops as often as I can. But when you’re sitting on a beach chair with the damp, cold wind steadily blowing up off the cold water. Let’s just say it’s chilly.

 The kids enjoy it though and, hey, that’s what this is all about. I’m sure they’ll have fun playing beach volleyball, rolling in the sand, things like that. Me, I’ll likely lock myself in the car at some point and record my Action Pack Segment. Our first episode dropped on March 1st, so it only makes sense to drop the 2nd episode on April 1st.

 April 1st. Hmm, now I need to think of a good joke to play on that day.

 I bought my lottery tickets for tonight. Heck, as I’m writing this I could be worth half a billion dollars. Who knows? Not me. I’ll find out later. I’m a realist. It’d be very cool to win, but I’m not going to be chomping at the bit to see if I won. I have a better chance of a shark riding lighting into my house and biting me on the bum.

 Speaking of lightning sharks. I’ve been watching Frozen Planet. Very cool (pun intended) show. Ever since I was a kid watching Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom I’ve had a fascination with nature shows. Not just nature shows, but things that have a great narration. Marlin Perkins always did a great job with narration and Frozen Planet has Alec Baldwin. I loved him when he did Thomas the Tank Engine (my favorite daughter used to watch that) and there’s something about his voice that just draws you in.

 Speaking of long days, I should get some fiction written. I’ll have a longer post for you tomorrow.

 Until Tomorrow!


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