Daily Update: A little birdie

My neighbor brought over a little bird this morning. It had fallen from a tree (or the sky) into her back yard. I’ve never raised a little bird, but she had to go to work and said she’d found a place that took in stray wildlife. Being the good neighbor I am I said I’d keep on eye on the little guy while she went to work. She was going to take it when she got back.

The little did well. Posed for a couple pictures. Drank drops of water from my finger tips. Declined any bread and being that I didn’t have any bugs I didn’t know what else to offer the little guy.

He spent the better part of the day either in a shoebox with a towel mat, or in my hand as it’s a little chilly and I wanted to keep him warm. By the time my neighbor arrived back home the little guy was having trouble keeping its head up and its cheep had gotten noticeably weaker. In the time it too the neighbor to get ready to drive it over to the place she’d called, the little guy gave up.

I barely knew you.

It’s now got a full time place in my back yard where I’m sure I’ll be either the victim of zombie birds later in the year, or I’ll be growing birdie flowers. Either way I did what I could. I feel bad I couldn’t do more for the little guy.

On the happier side, I didn’t write last night. Wait, that’s not happy. Crushing sinus pressure had me taking my good medicine last night. I think I got out maybe a dozen words and the pain had grown so much that it hurt just to sit up.

Why did my head hurt? It’s raining today and is supposed to rain through to the weekend. I don’t mind the rain. As a kid I loved the rain. The rain meant (and still means) release from sinus pressure and pain. The rains coming means that the low pressure system that brought it is moving on. There’s a little bit of sun right now, but I’m sure it’ll go away and we’ll have more rain later today.

As a kid I would play in the rain, swim in mud puddles, it didn’t matter. I would be outside and having a great time. My mom attributed this to me being a Cancer (a water sign). Now that I’m older I know better. It meant a clear(er) head and happier times. I celebrated the rain and enjoyed every part of it. I still do. It drives the wife and my favorite daughter when I’m wearing sandals in the rain and walk through puddles, but I love the feel of cold water on my feet. Always have, always will. As for cold water on the rest of my body, that’s a different story.

I don’t think there is anything going on tonight. At least I hope not. My favorite daughter had volleyball practice last night so between that and an achy head, well, you get the picture. Tonight should be different. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

Until Tomorrow!


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