Daily Update: I’m a klutz.

My hope is that my favorite daughter isn’t a klutz like her father is. Today I have a sunburn (well, that’s not klutzy, that’s just stupidity) a big toe that I’m pretty sure is broken, a stabbed finger from opening packages from Black and Decker, a cardboard cut down my arm from moving boxes from Black and Decker (and hot holding it tightly enough that is slipped down my arm, and who knows what else I’m forgetting.

As a kid I was always hurt at some point or another. This is one of the reasons I avoid many things life has to offer. Like performing sports. I’ve taken more than one baseball to the face with failure to field correctly. I’m confident that I could injure myself during a game of badminton. OH NO! A SHUTTLECOCK! I even had my share of injuries during track and field where all I had to was run in a large oval. Back then tracks weren’t specialized rubber compounds, they were asphalt and hurt like the Dickens.

The reason I worry about this? My favorite daughter spent yesterday at home from school because it was too painful for her to walk on her sprained ankle. The swelling has gone down and last night she was able to limp around with minimal pain, but still, she is my kid. Who knows what’ll happen next.

I have a large number of scars from my childhood. Being a curious child I like to see what would happen when I, oh I don’t know, would take a lighter and light a broken nylon rope on fire from an old swing set. Then I’d be stupid enough not to move my hand out of the way as flaming, dripping nylon targeted my hand. Yes, still have those reminders. Or the time we got a riding lawn mower stuck in a large bush (don’t ask) and I had to push the gas pedal by hand as we struggled to get it down again. Of course my hand slipped and stuck to the muffler just above the gas pedal.

As I’ve said before, I grew up in the sticks. I’m amazed that I’ve never broken any major bones given the number of other injuries I suffered. Nails through the feet. Heck yeah. Barbed wire to the shins. Check. Falling off of animals as they walked (horses, donkeys, other kids). More often than I’d like to admit. Opening something (door, window, bottle of soda). Well, you get the point.

I’m not sure if it was just carelessness or if I truly attracted accidents. There didn’t even need to be anything around and I would trip over my own two feet. I’m surprised that my mother allowed me to go swimming in the lake where I swallowed my own body weight in water over the years. Yeah. I’m sure I”m immune to anything water can dish out.

I just hope my favorite daughter heals quickly. I also hope this isn’t going to be a trend. This is her most serious injury thus far and she’s been playing volleyball pretty intensely. With three practices a week and two tournaments a month, there have been a lot of chances for things to go awry. Perhaps I’m just overly sensitive because she was home all day, sitting in front of me, reading a book. My fingers ached as I kept waiting for her to get a paper cut.

No wonder I work with computers and love ebooks so much. Speaking of working…

Until Tomorrow!


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