Daily Update: A little rain and some exciting news

I hate to be a tease, but I got some exciting news last night. Not just one piece, but two pieces. I can’t share either of them until they come to fruition, but rest assured that once I know for sure that I can talk about either one, you’ll be the first to know.

I went on a magazine subscribing spree. I figure for two bucks a month, these magazines were well worth it. I picked up Lightspeed, Clarkesworld, Fantasy and Science Fiction, and Apex. I might get Popular Science, but I’m not sure yet. If you like short fiction, pick up a subscription or two. If you know of any others that I might be interested in, please let me know. I passed on Analog and Asimov’s. I had subscriptions to them before, but the fiction was too explainy and difficult to get through. Maybe at some point in the future if I can keep up on a good reading schedule I’ll circle back around and pick up subscriptions to those as well.

Speaking of a reading schedule. As I had said before I’m subscribed to a LOT of blogs. These average over 200 posts per day. I don’t read them all as many either don’t interest me, are duplicates, or the summary is enough and I don’t read the entire blog. I’ve been reading on my tablet every day multiple times per day rather than play angry birds as much as I did. I know I need to consume more reading material to produce more reading material. To me it just makes sense and it seems to be working so I’ve set myself a new goal. To read 10% of a given book a day. That means every 10 days I should be able to complete a novel. I also picked up the magazines so I can look at what they’re publishing and hopefully I’ll be able to produce something for them to publish.

What I’ve noticed is that writing is easier when I’m reading more. So I’ll be keeping at it. I like laying down and reading for a little bit before I go to bed. I like reading when I first wake up. It gets words flowing through my brain and I’m learning to read faster and faster on my tablet. At first I was having difficulty. Silly me. Now that I read in portrait instead of landscape it’s far easier to read. I’m still messing with the font size to try and get it right. All in all I’m loving reading on the tablet more than I had before and far and away better than having an actual book in my hands. I will try to review all that I read. We’ll see how that goes.

I broke 160,000 words on the year. I’m very happy with this word count but now that I feel like I’m writing faster I want to see how far ahead of my goal I can get. I’ll be taking a couple of vacations during the summer and I’ll need those days off to be accounted for when I get to the end.

Speaking of writing, I’d better get at it. I fixed a couple issues with some code I was writing so my mind is relaxed. The rain came so the crushing pressure in my head is gone. I just need a little food and I’ll get onto that writing stuff that I’m enjoying so much.

Until Tomorrow!


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