Daily Update: So I took a day off.

I didn’t do this lightly. I have some editing to do and I know I need to get it done in a short period of time so all the ideas of the story will stay fresh in my mind. Last week was a stressful week with work, editing, and personal life. I just felt like I needed a break and I took it. How did I figure this out?

The wife planned to have breakfast with her sister and take my favorite daughter shopping. She asked if I wanted to go along. I told her to have a girls day and enjoy it. She picked up her mom, her sister, one of the nieces and the five of them went out to breakfast and shopped for a few hours.

I took the time to go through all the laundry, get everything washed, folded, and nearly all of it put away. I lost a lot of left socks so those didn’t find a home. While I did this finished listening to Rendezvous with Rama on audio. I nearly finished the Invisible Man on audio (both reviews will be forthcoming) and I watched a couple programs: Mysteries of the Sphinx and Revelations of the Pyramids.

Both went on very extreme tangents toward the end, but it’s hard to deny much of the initial science in the programs. It’s almost like comparing Fingerprints of the Gods with Chariots of the Gods. The latter is filled with a lot of opinion, speculation, and guesswork whereas the first is filled with hard facts, documentation, and expert opinion. It’s easy to shrug off a lot of the information as not credible, coincidence, or pure fantasy, but every once in a while there is a kernel of truth that flies in the face of commonly accepted theories.

I did a lot of relaxing yesterday. I had to. I needed some down time and I took it. I also got my energy level up for last night.

The Millican’s son’s team had a championship lacrosse game last night. His son is a freshman and not a starter, but he’s still part of the team and we showed up to show our support. The team they played had beaten them earlier in the season. Last night was a different story. In what turned out to be a nail-biter of a game and very strong on defense for both teams, the final score was 4-3 and the Millican’s son’s team will be moving on to the CIF games.

I’m not a big sports fan, but when it comes to watching high school sports, it’s so great to see the enthusiasm the kids play with. If you’ve never seen a high school sporting event, you should get out to one. Find a friend with a kid on the team so you have a team to cheer for. Heck, I might write this one up as an Unorthodox Writing Tip 🙂

Today, no plans as of yet, but that could change at any minute. We’ll see how it goes. Sorry I didn’t write about ducks today, but I will get that post done tomorrow.

Until Tomorrow!


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