Daily Update: Flossing.

I’ve been negligent over the years with regards to my dental health. Oh sure I brush daily. I make sure to rinse. I’ll use a toothpick when I need to. But flossing?

That was until the other day and I brushed my teeth and the toothpaste was a slight shade of pink. I didn’t think anything of it and actually thought it might be the toothpaste. It had an orange stripe in it. The other day was 6 or 7 months ago and the slight pink would come and go. Finally a couple weeks ago that slight pink became red.

I decided that my gums were bleeding and that’s never a good thing. It felt like I had something stuck in my teeth, but it wasn’t just in one spot, it was in several.

A few years ago I had been to the dentist and had several sessions over an 8 month period where I had ‘deep pockets’ where the tartar on my teeth had gone below the gum line. The dentist suggested removing my wisdom teeth to help me better clean those back teeth.

*note: I still have my wisdom teeth and I intend to keep them. When in the Navy they wanted to remove them because a new dentist needed practice and mine were coming in. I asked “Do I have room in my mouth for them?” “Yes.” “Are they impacted?” “No.” “Is there a problem leaving them in?” “No.” “Will it cause crowding of my teeth if they come in?” “No, there is enough room for them.” “Then no, you can’t have my wisdom teeth to practice on.” That was my last trip to the Naval dentist and I still have my wisdom teeth.

During all the cleanings I had over that multi-month period the dentist kept asking the same thing; “How often do you floss?” The answer is obvious. I didn’t. So I started to floss. But flossing is a royal pain in the backside. So I stopped. Until I realized that this blood when I brushed was the same symptom I had when I had my other dental issues. It was time to get serious about flossing again.

So I bought those picks with the floss in them. I used them and OMFG! My gums felt like they’d been bit by red ants. OW OW OW and double OW! I did it the next day with similar results. My teeth even hurt. After the third day not so much bleeding. And now after five days it’s better better. Not nearly as much bleeding or pain in the gums. At least when I brush the toothpaste I spit out stays whitish instead of pink.

I’m going to stick with this flossing stuff. I like my teeth. I’d like to hang on to them for a few more years. I love dentists reactions when they count my teeth and realize I still have my wisdom teeth. Sure I’ve got fillings, but I’ve got my teeth. I intend to keep them for as long as possible.

On the writing front, I wrote over 3000 words yesterday. I didn’t get any editing done, but I’ll be back on it tonight.

My favorite daughter has volleyball practice. This will be her first practice back since spraining her ankle. I’m hopeful that all goes well.

I need to meet with Mike Plested so we can discuss another super secret project.

So much to do, so little time.

I’ll write about ducks tomorrow.

Until tomorrow!


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  1. I use those floss sticks once in a while, both if meat strips get stuck or something or when i brush.

    Sadly all my wisdom teeth are gone and I still use my retainer from my braces days. On the other hand, getting drugged to remove the wisdom teeth was awesome. 🙂

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