Daily Update: A good day.

Yesterday I got some good writing done on Golden West. I’m only 1/3 of the way through the episode and already I know it’s going to be a great cliffhanger. With three under my belt, the episodes are off and writing themselves. In my mind I’m already thinking through the next episode as well as the next season.

This is something I brought up with Mike when he thought that perhaps Boyscouts of the Apocalypse might not go for a second season. We discussed that it would be find to change it out for another story. The same would work for Scott if he feels that his story doesn’t continue into a second season. Perhaps he can use the same universe with a new character. The three of us will have to have a meeting soon and talk.

Speaking of talking, Mike and I did talk last night. As I’ve done to him many times he had to delay, delay, and delay some more. I’ve done that to him more than once. I took advantage of the time and got my writing done. I managed nearly 2500 words yesterday even through multiple interruptions. I’m going to try that again today though I doubt it’ll happen. Tonight I have a lacrosse game for the Millican’s son to go to as well as my favorite daughter having volleyball practice. Both are at the same school so I’ll be bopping back and forth between the two. It’ll be a hoot.

Work might actual have a slow period. That’ll be a plus before things ramp back up next week and the week after. I’ll be installing one project, ramping up for a new project, continuing with some lease roll projects. All this project management has helped me get a better focus of my time and usually helps with planning out my day and even when interrupted, getting back on the horse where I was and continue. Be it with a piece of code, a piece of story, of just getting a thought completed.

I know for some writers interruptions can be the death of flow. Last night I had many such occasions, but I’ve gotten to the point where I can brush them off and dive back in. It’s sort of like when someone wakes me up from a dead sleep. I can wake up quickly, do something, lay back down and I’m asleep before you know it. Others get woken up at night and have difficulty getting back to sleep. The same thing seems to work with my flow. As I’m typing this post, my favorite daughter it telling me about her day. I’ll stop, look at her. Listen. Then go back to my post. Sure it’s distracting, but life won’t always give you a quiet three hours a day to sit and get your writing done.

I’m going to try and take advantage of a little of this quiet time and get some more done on Golden West before practice and the lacrosse game. Last time we went to the game ducks flew over our heads and it reminded me that I need to get that duck post written. Soon. Very Soon.

Until Tomorrow!


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