Daily Update: What a weekend

Yesterday started with going off to the park. We had planned on playing softball. We didn’t have enough players for two full teams, so with multiple soccer and volley balls laying around, we decided to instead play some kick ball. I got a nice little burn, but these things happen. After that we went to the Millicans’ house so we could see their oldest girl off to Prom. She looked beautiful and her date/boyfriend was also dressed to impress. We ended the day having carne asada at my brother-in-law’s house where most of the kickball players congregated.

We didn’t get home until after 9PM, but I still managed to sit down and knock out 2000 words on Of Gnomes and Dwarves. It feel so right to be back in this universe. I had a couple pauses as I renamed a couple locations, but it’s definitely time to write this story.

Today I was awake at 7AM. I’ve been waking up early lately. It’s weird. But I decided to use the time wisely and cranked out 1300 words before I hopped in the shower, rubbed my achy muscles (some I haven’t used since the last time we played softball three years ago) and took my favorite daughter to volleyball practice. Her ankle hurt a little but she’s doing much better now. It’s great to see her playing instead of just helping.

We relaxed for a bit and headed back to the Millicans’ house and the boys went to go see Battleship. A fun movie that I will review tomorrow.

I’m glad I got my words done this morning so I don’t have to worry about getting them done. It felt good and I’m already adding new scenes that the original didn’t have. Scenes that will make the story feel more complete. I always knew the book lacked something and as I said before, I now know what it was lacking.

I’m now coming up on the 4000 word mark with that story already. It’s just flowing off my finger tips and it feels great. I don’t need to think too hard when it comes to these characters. They’ve been in my head for so long it’s like catching up with old friends.

My brain is tired. Lots of food has been eaten this weekend and my brain just wants to go to bed. That’ll happen soon enough.

I’m sad I missed the eclipse, but I will see many pictures all week long I’m sure.

Speaking of pictures, I need to find more pictures of ducks and I’ll get that long awaited duck post written.

Until Tomorrow!


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