Daily Update: Camping Day Three

The sun and I have never really gotten along. When I was a kid and in the sun all day (and never without sunscreen) I would tan a golden color that my favorite daughter now does. Now if I don’t slather on sun screen on an hourly basis I turn a n interesting shade of pink that will start to itch and then I know it’s too late.

Today I am a little itchy and a nice shade of red. I will do my best to avoid the sun but I’m confident that I will darken a little more.

The wife is getting some spray sun screen and I will do my best to spray and slather as often as possible as we will be spending a good amount of time at the beach.

I had a crazy dream last night that had me as the star as my dreams often do. I was in an insane asylum. They thought I was insane as they do at these places. My neighbor had his wife living with him but ninjas came and killed his wife. I tried to explain this to the attendants but they threatened to lock me away.

Before I could escape, three ladies that looked as much like old hags as any old hags have looked gave me a test with some tiny sculptures that they claimed I made as a kid. I knew the work was far too good for my uncoordinated hands and before I had arranged them all in the box I smashed them all and escaped.

I found musket upon stairs trying to tell the person in charge that ninjas were trying to kill me. He didn’t believe me and they killed him. I was back on the run.

I found a white.backhoe and started digging a hole next to a white, picket fence when the white ninja found me. I smashed and hurried him. The person with me said “I’m glad that’s over.” But I had to explain that just because they appear dead doesn’t mean they are dead.

Once again I was o. The run.

Then the Millikan’s son got up, stumbled around the tent and nearly fell on me. I was face down in my pillow so I misses the entertaining fall, but still got a good laugh out of it.

Today will see more camping fun. I am off to go take more pictures of ducks.

Until Tomorrow!

Woo Woo!

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