Daily Update: Thank you to Servicemen and Veterans

I spent my four years in the military. As I’ve said here before, it wasn’t a lifestyle for me. Having spent some time in the military I can appreciate the sacrifice the men and women are given and have given. It’s not easy being in. At least it wasn’t for me. For men like my brother, it was a difficult 20 years, but he finished out his time. I’m thankful for what he did for his country and for me. He spent more time overseas and in the Gulf Wars than he did back home. Though he got to see so many different countries, he spent a greater amount of time looking at nothing but water for days and weeks on end.

If you ever have a chance, thank a military man or woman. One who has given up a piece of his or her life to do something that most people can’t do, won’t do, or wouldn’t even think of doing. It is because of them that you actually have a choice. It is because of them that I can spend a majority of my time sitting in from of a computer writing code, writing books, surfing the web, and having a better life for myself. I was once part of their ranks, but chose a different path when the time came.

If you are in the U.S. Military, any branch, I say “Thank you.” For everything you do or have done or will do. Putting yourself in an uncomfortable situation and often life threatening you ensure that I can live the life that I choose to live. There are no words that can express how grateful that I am for all you do. If you were here, I would not shake your hand, I’d give you a hug. It means that much to me. I know a little of what you’re doing and what you’re going through. Because of you, I got to go camping this weekend and eat too much, get too much sun, and need more rest now than when the weekend began. I can play silly games on my phone (Temple run is addicting. #justsaying). I can read a book. Listen to a band, take pictures of ducks, and enjoy my family and friends.

Thank you.

Until Tomorrow!


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