Daily Update: Who is the Jay person anyway?

I ask myself strange questions all the time. One of the biggest is why do people stop by here and listen to me ramble. Then I figure they might have discovered me from something I’ve done and perhaps want to know more about me. Let me give you a quick run down.

Author and podcaster of V&A Shipping, Billy Barbarian, and Murdockian Tales.

Author of Astel (available in ebook and print formats)

Author of a few eshorts available on smashwords.

I’ve written a lot of books. Six are currently with a publisher for review. I’m anxiously waiting to hear word back. I have several more than are in progress at some stage and I’m currently in the re-writing phase on my first books in the Of Gnomes and Dwarves series.

To date I’ve written over 100 short stories and 13 novels. I have 4 that are started and I’m aiming to get those done one day. I’ve been writing in some form or another since 1985. I was serious for brief periods over those years and completed a lot of words during all that time.

It wasn’t until this year (2012 if you’re reading this from the future) that I got serious enough to track my progress and write on a daily basis. I came to the determination that I’ll never succeed as a writer if I don’t take it as seriously as any other job. In this year I have planned to write 450,000 words. So far I’m at 225,000 words. I will meet my goal and most likely surpass it. I’ve written more than ever before and I’m much happier about my writing than I ever have been.

I was always in love with the dream of being a writer, but now I’m seeing that dream become a realization as I get more and more works completed and sent out to be reviewed and hopefully one day soon, accepted. I have gotten my momentum down and I have no plans of letting up now. 2012 is the year I get the ball rolling and keep it rolling.

That’s who I am as a writer. I’m also a father of my favorite daughter and married to the wife. Both complete me in ways I cannot explain and I enjoy spoiling my babies. I live in Southern California which is as close to paradise as I can get. I grew up in Minnesota and Colorado so I have enough of the woods and snow for a lifetime. We have two poodles (both white) and they also keep me busy.

Now is your turn. Who are you? Let me know. I’d love to hear from you.

Tomorrow I’ll talk about ducks.

Until Tomorrow!


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