Daily Update: Produced Daily

One of the things I’ve been trying to do this year is produce something daily. Hence these daily updates. I’ve done my best to keep them interesting and cover all the things running through my brain, but every so often I miss something that may seem trivial at the time, but a week or so later it’ll seem much more important.

The reason I’ve tried to post something daily is to get content out there. Granted this has been almost like a daily diary about what’s going on with me and I’m not sure if I’ll change the format or not. I do want to post more important topics that might interest a wider audience and bring in more traffic. Traffic and getting noticed is the overall goal of this blog. So there might be more interesting content coming in the next month or so (including daily duck pictures and that long awaited duck post).

As a writer that’s my main focus is to get the attention of potential readers. That’s all any writer wants. Well, that and to get paid huge sums of money. But the audience must come first before the money starts to roll in. So I’m already writing down ideas on topics I can cover that might interest people. Yes, I have Unorthodox Writing Tips each Friday, so I’m going to look at something else I can post on another day of the week. I’m thinking about Monday. We’ll see what happens. Wednesday is just as good of a day as Monday is. Tuesday and Thursday are also other days of the week that I’ve got my eye on. Saturday and Sunday are right out as people have other things to do on the weekend than read something posted by me about some rambling topic I haven’t even chosen yet.

While I will still ramble daily about what I’m doing, how my writing is going, and the like, I want to expand what I’m offering on these pages. More than just advice. One thing I had thrown out there was a daily writing prompt so that might appear soon (along with the daily duck photo). Just something to keep content coming out. Another thing I may do is post character sketches. Not actual sketches mind you, but written notes on a character in a given story. I might start with Of Gnomes and Dwarves as that’s fresh in my mind and I’m currently working on that story.

Finding things to write about each day can be difficult, but I seem to be managing. I read a post by someone else that they’ve been writing daily that they no longer believe in writer’s block. I’m of the same feeling at this point. I’ve written every day since January 1st, 2012 and I don’t see any reason to stop now. Nothing has prevented me from posted something on a given day. Sure, time constraints arise, but on the days of light posting I’ve been my own worst enemy not taking advantage of available free time thinking “I’ll get to that later”. I know I can do better.

What I’m trying to say in the long post is that I don’t want to just ramble senselessly. Well, I do. It helps get the old brain juices flowing, but I also want to provide more content on more than just what’s in my head at the start of my day. I hope you’ll stick around and see what I come up with. I hope you’ll share with your friends. I hope I’ll find a wider audience for my words. Maybe that’ll force me to actually become organized when I write these. Who knows.

On the writing front, I managed 3500 words yesterday despite a very busy day. I did take advantage of any free time I had and wrote as fast as I possibly could. I hope to write more words today. I’m currently at 40,000 words in Of Gnomes and Dwarves. I’m not even at the half-way point, but I’m getting there. This book will be much longer than the original. Possibly three times as long (not counting the parts I cut). It’s a much stronger work for all I’ve added. Again that’s my personal opinion. We’ll see what Beta readers thing.

The cool thing about my beta readers. Many of them have read the original Of Gnomes and Dwarves (4 of them have). So it’ll be great to get their feedback as I’m sure they remember those first rough writings. If you would like to read the original, email me and I’ll send it over. Like I said, it’s my first completed novel. It suffers from many first novel issues. It’s rough even though I’ve edited it a LOT and added a lot of words, and rewrote some parts. It’s bumpy, lumpy, and just how I like my mashed potatoes, but it’s lacking. Severely

There is a lot to do so I’m going to get at it!

Until Tomorrow!


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