Daily Update: Happy Father’s Day

Today I spent with my favorite daughter, the wife, and several of the wife’s family. It was a WONDERFUL!!!! Day. And more exclamation points!!!

We went to Hillcrest for breakfast at Chocolat. It’s a little French place that servers some incredible food. It wasn’t busy so unlike other places we called (reservations? What are those?) we didn’t have to wait 2 hours for a table. In fact we didn’t have to wait at all. It was great.

We then did some shopping for our vacation to Palm Desert next weekend. Then did some more shopping. And finally landed at my Father-In-Law’s house to wish his a happy father’s day. It wasn’t planned as we had planned on celebrating next weekend when all of us (the wife’s entire family more-or-less) are at Palm Desert. There was food, there was playing ball with the dog, there was watching of baseball. It was grand fun.

The entire day I thought about my dad. How I miss him. Over the next few days I’ll be posting daily updates about my dads (My dad, a couple step-dads, and my grandpa). It’s far too much to post in one blog so I’ll spread it out over the week.

This weekend no fiction writing happened. Because I was thinking so much about my dad I went to his site and started doing some updates. There are still a lot more that I’ll be doing there, but while I was there I decided to visit my Aunt Debbie’s website (http://filtertechsystems.com) and grab the source code of all the pages and redo her entire site. I had a lot of fun doing it. There’s something relaxing for me when it comes to digging into someone else’s code and cleaning it up, streamlining it, making it more readable, stripping out all the extraneous code, and putting it into a better framework.

I think I’m done for now with the pages. I’m going to send them to her for an opinion. She doesn’t know I was going to do this so it’ll be a surprise. Once the final design is done and the site goes live (if she wants it) I’ll let you know. For all I know she’s hired someone else to take care of it. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens next.

I had a great day. Thank you to all who wished me a happy father’s day. Happy Father’s day to you if you are a father. I hope you were able to celebrate with your father. If you don’t have your father anymore I hope you at least thought about him and enjoyed the memories. I know I did and I’ll shore those over the next few days.

I’m tired, it’s time for bed. No ducks were harmed in the making of this blog post.

Until Tomorrow!


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