Daily Update: Vacation Day 2

Might be day three, I am losing track and that’s a good thing.

Today we took the tram up to the top of Palm Canyon. Always 30-40 degrees cooler up there. Lots of wildlife to see. There are some great hiking trails to walk. The views for the top are incredible.

We stopped with the kids to have a snack. There was a picnic table and we moved it from the sun to the shade. I was backing up and thought the way was clear, but didn’t see one of the many stray branch parts and slipped, rolled, and feel. I landed on my hip, blacked it slightly, tried to get up, fell again, got up, sat down and kept my head between my knees. The kids didn’t see me fall and I’m glad. It hurt something awful.

My Favorite Daughter saw me fall and I didn’t like the lock on her face. She didn’t like hot white I’d become.

I still went on the hike with the family. We had a great time. I took some motrin. Didn’t help much. Took some flannex when we got back to the room along with a hot shower. Still didn’t help much. My hip is killing me and hopefully it’s not stiff and sore tomorrow. Tomorrow is a pool day so I will have time to relax.

I’m off to heal and see if I can get some pictures of the ducks in the lake outside my hotel room window.

Until Tomorrow!

Woo Woo!

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