Daily Update: It feels good to be home.

I’m not just saying that. Last week was vacation. It was relaxing. I did a LOT of things I hadn’t done in Palm Desert before and many things I’d done before. Some time tomorrow I will write it up. For now my brain is much. I’ve got the computer set back up (I had packed it up when we cleaned the house before we left on vacation.) It feels like meeting an old friend.

My daily updates I did on either my cell phone of my tablet. I wasn’t really a fan of either. They worked better for reading as I pounded through two and a half books and a few short stories. Lots of reading happened and it felt great. Been a while since I cracked a book and got through it so quickly. I’ll be writing book reviews for everything I read.

We didn’t see any movies. We did see a lot of sights and it’ll be fun to write about them. Not as much fun as actually being there, but fun to recall them and see what I do recall about the events after they all happened.

This week will be hell week. It’s 4th of July in the states and I have Wednesday off, but Monday night and Tuesday night I have a LOT I need to take care of. It will be up very early for the day job, work my ass off trying to get caught up with everything that happened while I was out, and working off on getting a personal issue resolved before Wednesday or on Wednesday. Fortunately once this issues is over, it’s over. It’s been hanging over my head and it’ll be nice to see if gone.

I also need to record and assemble the next episode of the Action Pack Podcast. Yes, it’s my fault it’ll be late again. But once I have my personal issue resolved, it’ll be full steam ahead until my vacation at the end of July. Yes, another week off. Hopefully I can get a crazy amount ahead of my word count again. That’ll be nice to be as far ahead of the game as I was.

Then I need to meet with my writing partner, Mr. Plested, and we have a secret project we really need to get working on. I have a website to redesign for my aunt. I have to get My Teacher is a Werewolf out into the wild. I need to get Moving at the Speed of Thought out into the wild. I need to get a lot of writing done.

July is shaping up to be a crazy busy month and it’s only the first! I love it! I’m as relaxed as I’m going to get and I’m ready to sit and do some typing! I also need to get my daily duck posts going. Get my weekly article going. Get my daily writing prompt going. Record a couple more Unorthodox Writing Tips for Mr. Plested.

Yeah, I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’d better get at it. Or go to bed and get at it tomorrow. I think that’s a better idea.

Until Tomorrow!


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