Daily Update: Really, Sputtery Truck? Really?

Today is a day in the office. That means I climb into Sputtery Truck and drive the 30 minutes into work. Yesterday I had Sputtery Truck looked at and I was quite happy it was going to be a minor repair. $200 total vs ~$1000. The issue was the Oil Pressure Sensor. That was replaced. The mechanic said all looked good. I thanked him. Payed him. Drove away.


Low oil pressure after about five minutes driving off the lot. I picked up my favorite daughter from volleyball practice (she said she had an awesome practice YEAH!) and washed the Tahoe, and took Sputtery Truck back to the mechanic. We watched the truck idle and the pressure bob and weave (up, down, up, down). He said he’d had it connected to an external pressure meter and it read 16 PSI (standard) and never dipped even when the old pressure sensor read low.

So I was semi-confident that driving in today I wouldn’t explode in a brilliant flaming fireball much like the San Diego Fireworks this year (http://youtu.be/JuJHfkXEI-o if you haven’t seen it yet). I got in the truck, hit several stop lights, no low oil pressure. But then I hadn’t had low oil pressure before until it got up to temp.

Most of my drive is freeway so I didn’t have to slow down at any point. It was kinda nice driving in today. Lots of people must be on vacation. At any rate, when I got off the freeway I was fully expecting the pressure to DING! And drop then bounce back up. I kept my eye on the needle. I watched it like a hawk watching a mouse twitch in the grass. It moved slightly. It wiggled a little bit. It felt my intense stare. But didn’t go down.

Then I got to the next red light. And the next. And the next.

No Ding this morning. Color me confused. The engine was up to temp. The only difference was it was a slightly cooler morning. I’m not sure if that made enough of a difference, but we’ll find out when I go home later today. I’m hopeful that Sputtery Truck has been subdued into submission.

I got around 1000 words written yesterday. Being a crazy busy day there weren’t many hours to actually sit and write, but I found a small chunk of time and went for it. And I played a little NetHack. Died a few times, but upset that I couldn’t find the files so I could back up my character and decided to write instead.

We went to the Millicans’ house. It was the Millican’s father’s birthday. There was a fire extinguisher on hand and the room warmed considerably when the cake came out. It was a festive celebration and much food was had by all.

Happy Birthday, Pops!

I’m off to go get this day going in the right direction! I hope you’re off to do the same!

Until Tomorrow!


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