Daily Update: So Much to do

Today was another busy busy day. Yesterday we did stuff until just after midnight. Tonight is just winding down. Well, OK, it wound down after a few hours and a couple beers into a kid’s birthday party. But it was a fun day.
I was too tired and my brain too frazzled to write earlier. I think it was a combination of the sun, the beer, and being crazy tired. The wife and my favorite daughter took a nap and I decided to play some online poker.
Yes, playing online for money is still banned, so I was playing a ‘play’ money game. 5200 buy in. Those usually get some of the more serious players. I play on poker stars as maus99 if you ever see me on there.
It was a good game tonight. Started out with 600 players. I dodged a few bullets like hold JJ and raising pre flop and three people pushed all in. That wasn’t an easy fold. I would have lost the hand. I would have won some other multi way all in action, but folded hands like 88 and 99 a few time to much bigger stacks pushing their weight around. I took several shots, doubled p here and other and hung on.
When it got down to around 30 players I was the big stack with 150,000 chips. More than 3 times the person in second place. These were the three next hands.
I got AA and raised. Three callers. Flopped a set of As and bet. One caller, fold, fold, all in, I called. Person had QJ. Board was AK2. I laughed until he hit a 10 on the river. No biggie, it was only 22,000. Next hand I had 55. Same person called my raise. Flop was 56k? The person shoved. I thought and finally called. He had 78 and hit his straight. That 44000 hurt, but I was still in first. Next had I had 77. Same person called again. Flop was 710A with two hearts. I shoved not wanting this person to draw out again. He called…again. with Q5 hearts and riveted a flush.
I was down to around 20000 after that. No mire big hands. Ran tight until 17th place and it was over. Ah well. It was fun while it lasted.
Tomorrow I will have a clearer head and get some writing done.
Until tomorrow!
Woo Woo!

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