Daily Update: Sometimes there’s just a lot going on.

This weekend was a prime example of a lot of life happening all at one time.

Friday we went to a play. Art to Die For. Our friends the Farins were in the play. Well, Dad and his two daughters. They’ve done several performances at their church and this, in all the ones I’ve seen, was the funniest by far. The kids are getting really good and hit all their lines perfectly. One person in the play had several bit roles. He stole each scene he was in with a narcoleptic character, a sheik, a frenchman, and three or four other characters. There was audience participation, appetizers served by the cast (in characters) and, this time, no over the top religious theme. Being at a church they usually have a very religious theme/moral to the play. This one had a much lighter message.

Saturday we got up early, walked, got ready and went to Inflatable World. What? You’ve never been to Inflatable World? I’m sure it’s not just a local thing, but it’s a place here in San Diego where they have a number of inflatable slides/games. It’s $15 to get in and you can stay as long as you like and slide as many slides as you like. It was for, let me see if I can get this right, the wife’s niece’s fiance’s youngest son. I’m not sure how that makes him related to me, but he likes to be tossed in the air and swung around like a little monkey so that’s fine by me. Of course once you start to swing one kid in a circle a line forms and soon the kids thought I was one of the attractions. I swung kids until I saw one that I was pretty sure wasn’t part of the birthday party and decided it was a good time to stop.

Needless to say a lot of sun and fun (and a couple of beers) will wear you out. We went back home and the wife and my favorite daughter started to watch TV for a little bit. They both fell asleep. I played a large, online (free) poker tournament. I think I mentioned this already so I won’t go into greater detail. In summary, I got 17th out of a field of 600 players. It felt good to get that far just because you have so many random players in a free tournament like that.

Sunday was a lazy day. My brain has been hurting, I’ve had trouble waking up, I have just have no energy at all. So I took some downtime. The wife and my favorite daughter went and did some shopping with the Millican’s wife and youngest daughter. Me? I watched the Big Drop for One Drop. This was a $1,000,000 buy in tournament. I wanted to compare what they cut out of the 7+ hours of video I had watched earlier in the week. The entire event was broadcast live so I saw the entire final table. It was great to see how some hands were played and I learned a lot. When you look at the condensed version they really cut out a lot of good hands. I’d like to see more final tables where you get to see every hand play out, but that’d be a lot of poker to watch.

I will be watching the 2012 WSOP (World Series of Poker) this year. I didn’t watch last year except for the final table of the main event. There are a lot of other events and I plan to record and watch them all. I love me some poker.

Sunday I also watched The Hunger Games. I’ll be writing a review for that. My initial reaction, if you didn’t read the book, there are a number of confusing part. Overall it gets a ‘meh’ from me. I’ll explain in greater detail.

Then the wife, my favorite daughter, and the Millican’s wife and youngest daughter got back to the Millicans house and I went over there. We talked, we ate, The Millican and I played a little online poker, and finally we came home. I should have taken more naps this weekend, but at least today my brain feels like it’s firing on all cylinders once again. I’m liking it. I hope it’ll hold up all week. It’s going to be yet another long week. I can just tell already.

Sputtery Truck update: So the last three times I’ve driven Sputtery Truck (with great trepidation) the gauges all stayed where they were supposed to. No dings, bings, dongs, gongs, chimes, or other indications of sputteritis. Hopefully it’ll stay that way. I’ll be getting the brakes checked out before our big trip up to Oregon. More on that later.

I’ve got a lot to do and not a lot of time to get it done.

Until Tomorrow!


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