Daily Update: Because I’m a writer

Yesterday I wrote. I wrote because I love to write. I wrote in little bursts here and there and knocked out a couple thousand words. I didn’t have much free time as my favorite niece and nephew were here and my favorite daughter took them to the pool. They had great fun.

The wife took the Millican’s youngest daughter shopping for ‘stuff’ that they assembled for her Quincera. They cleared the table (where I have my laptop) and went to work assembling. We ate pasta, I took my favorite niece and nephew home, and we just sat and talked with the Millicans for a few hours. We talked about our previous trip to Oregon and our upcoming trip to Oregon.

The Millican’s mom lives in Oregon so we will drive up there, stay with her for a week, and drive back. There will be a stop in San Francisco either on the way up or the way back. I forget which. The Millican’s youngest son plays lacrosse and he’ll be up there playing. We should be able to catch a game. Hopefully I can get some clam chowder on the bay again.

I’m attempting to get over 60,000 words ahead of schedule before we go. That’ll be tough, but I think I can manage it. I need to write a couple thousand words a day and I hit that yesterday. I need to hit it again today. Preferable surpass it. I know I’ll have a lot of little obstacles in the way. Currently I’m only 45,000 words ahead of schedule. This means I’m good for a vacation, but I’d like to be even further ahead of that schedule. I’ve let a commitment slide and I don’t like that feeling. I need to get caught up and hopefully ahead of schedule.

My writing partner, Mike Plested, has been on Holiday. We have a couple of projects going and once he’s back, I’m out. So it’ll be a few weeks before he and I are back on track with all we have going on. We had a good head of steam going (steampunk pun intended) before I went out to Palm Desert and we just didn’t get back on track before he went and ran away. Ah well, summers are like that.

Today, I think, will see more progress on my writing. Or so I hope. I’m a hopeful kind of person. I should have some free time this evening and hopefully more free time later in the week to knock out a large number of words. I’m nearly done with the next episode of Golden West and I will jump right into the following episode before I dip my head back into Of Gnomes and Dwarves. I’ll also take care of my recording of both those episodes so I’ll be one month ahead and will try not to slip again this year.

With Of Gnomes and Dwarves, I’m just getting to the middle of the book. For many people, this is the slog before the storm. For me, this is where things are all coming together and will suddenly be exploding in all different directions. I’ve got the group assembled, they’re about to join another group. The war is brewing. Oh yeah, I’m having fun with this one. I really can’t wait to get back into it.

I’m still giving serious consideration to self-publishing Of Gnomes and Dwarves. I really think I’ve got a solid story that will do well once out into the wild. I’m going to start, when I get back from Oregon, looking at where good places are to do a blog tour, where I can get a great cover for it, I’ll look at doing the internal layout. I’ll need chapter graphics. I really want to do this book right when I release it. I’ll post the details as I work them out.

There’s a lot to do and more duck pictures to download.

Until Next Time!


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