Daily Update: Sick Dogs and Parties

Dog aren’t immortal beings. They also aren’t immune to disease, infection, parasites, and gingivitis. Currently one of my dogs has fleas. I’m guessing it might be both, one one doesn’t bite or scratch or lick until she’s bleeding. The other will throw a fit and I’ll dig around in her fur and find one tiny little flea. This will drive the little one bonkers. I’ve applied the proper flea protection, but that doesn’t seem to help much. So I’ve had to put a cone on her to keep her from biting and scratching herself raw.

The other has a cough. Not your polite little *cough* but a linger, hacking cough that comes and goes and will scare the crap out of you at two o’clock in the morning when you’re sound asleep and trying to figure out where the miniature bear came from. So I’ve been giving her cough medicine. Every try giving a cat a bath? Yeah, it’s like that when I try to give this one her medicine. And you’d think with a dog that takes a pill for epilepsy every single day and twice on Tuesday she’d be used to me shoving things in her mouth that she doesn’t want.

Now both of them having something like this is a little annoying. Okay, it’s more than a little annoying, but they’re my dogs and I can put up with it. The issue is that we’re about to leave for a little over a week and my sister-in-law will be inheriting the dogs while we’re out of town and she’s house sitting for us. Hopefully in a couple of days the two will mostly recover or at least enough that it won’t scare the begeezus out of her while she stays here.

I’ll be taking Sputtery Truck over to my friend’s house for a check up. Mostly I want to get the brakes looked at. The Check Engine light has been off for some time. The dip in oil pressure when idling has stopped. Other than squeaky breaks everything seems good to go for our trip.

On Saturday we went down Mexico way. The Millican’s youngest daughter had her quincera. The church portion was… well, your typical stand up, sit down, kneel, sit down, stand up, sit down, sing a song, type of Catholic service so I got my cardio in for the weekend. The fun part didn’t begin until we went to the after party which is the main reason kids have a quincera to begin with. There was food, dancing, and cake (Cake only exists to get frosting into your mouth). There was much fun there.

But more than that it was everything that led up to the party that I enjoyed much more. The Wife and I (and my favorite daughter) used to travel to Tijuana and further south all the time. We used to spend every weekend down on the beach just south of Rosarito. Oh, it was a great time and there were very rarely issues.

Then the wife’s brother-in-law’s second uncle’s cousin’s brother (or something like that) got kidnapped. It was a little too close to home and two or three people that the wife worked with had friends or family that had been kidnapped. So with all that going on combined with the fact that you needed to have a passport, we stopped crossing the border. At all. For 5 or 6 years. It’s been a while.

I missed going down there. I love eating tacos from those street vendors. Getting a cup of Elotes (a cup of corn with butter, mayo, lime, hot sauce, salt, and a whole lot of hell yeah!). There are also ice cream carts all over ringing their little bells. So needless to say I was more interesting in going around and looking for food than I was for sitting around waiting for all the girls to get their hair and make up done. But hey, that’s just me.

I did note that the ingredients on Coke are different in Mexico. The ingredients (in English) Carbonated Water, Sugar, Coka Cola flavoring from concentrate. I mean, how awesome is that. I had to read it a few times to make sure that was it and sure enough, that was it. Why list all those ingredients inside the flavoring. I laughed and I actually enjoyed a cola beverage probably because I was laughing so much.

Sunday we spent with the Millicans and watched a couple of movies (well, the Millican and I did). And we eat some grilled chicken, home grown corn, and left over cake. There was a lot of cake from the party the night before.

The biggest surprise over the weekend was when we got back at oh my gosh it’s dark out and an older couple were walking down the road with their dogs. The gentleman pointed to my bumper sticker and asked “Are you J.R .Murdock?” “Why yes, yes I am.” “So you’re a writer?” “Yes, I am. Did you visit my site?” “I did. I’ll have to check out what you write. It looks interesting.” “I hope you like what you find.”

So from what I know, at least one person has found my site from my bumper sticker. I hope you’ve found something you like. I’m sorry I didn’t have more time to stop and talk. *wave*. I hope to run into you again one day and we’ll have more time to chat.

Speaking of chatting, I have a lot to do before Thursday gets here. I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow!

Until Tomorrow!


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