Daily Update: Getting Ready for Vacation.

On Thursday we’ll be getting up a little earlier than normal. Well, a little earlier for me. A lot earlier for the wife and my favorite daughter. They’re currently on ‘break’. The wife from work for a couple months and my favorite daughter from school.

Aside from that, on Thursday we’ll be getting up early. The plan is to be on the road to early Thursday morning and on our way to San Francisco!

But wait, you thought I was going to Oregon. Well, we’re making a stop on the way. The Millican’s youngest son is in San Fran for a lacrosse tournament and we’ll be stopping and picking him up on our way. We’ll stay a couple days with a friend and have chowder on the bay, ride the cable cars, all those fun touristy things that we haven’t done together as a family. After that we’ll pack up and head off to Oregon.

We’ll be staying with the Millican’s mom up there and spend as much time as possible by the river. We’ll go see the redwoods, go to the ocean, and do all those touristy type things one does in souther Oregon. Last time we went I picked up a beaver skull from a taxidermist. I was fascinated. I’m sure we’ll be stopping in again. If I remember right the owner’s sons were Hunter, Bow (or Bo), and Arrow. But I could be wrong.

So I’ve been getting up a little earlier each day in preparation for the early morning Thursday will be. Clothes are getting washed. Dogs have been prepared (we have a puppy sitter) and we have cleaned the house. Only thing really left to do is pack. That will likely be tonight/tomorrow.

I still need to work. That work stuff doesn’t stop. I feel I should have taken this week off as well, but hey, life doesn’t stop because I’m going on vacation. I’ve got a ton of work still to get done this week and I need to hand off a couple of things while I’m out of the office. I have meetings, meetings, and more meetings. It’s amazing the number of meetings one person can have in a given day. I’m still waiting on some requirements so I can write up a technical requirements document. Those are always fun. The last one I wrote rivaled my last novel in length, but when it came to action and cliffhanger suspense, nothing can hold a candle to my requirements documents.

So yeah, there’s a lot to do and not a lot of time to get it done.

I did take Sputtery Truck down to my friend and have him looked at. All is good and he’s all ready for the trek. I think Sputtery Truck is excited about getting on the road. Most of his trips are less than 10 miles. He’s anxious to get a move on.

Speaking of getting a move on, I’d better call lunch over and get back at it myself.

Until Tomorrow!


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