Daily Update: The past couple of days.

I was going to write a daily update today. Then I wasn’t. Then I was. I waffled back and forth several times debating if I should just jump into some fiction of clear my head first. I think I need to clear my head first.

First, the good. We had a great day yesterday at the beach. We spent most of the day at the beach having a good time, getting a sunburn, eating too much food, getting full of sand, and watching the fireworks from PetCo Park and Seaworld. We went to the Coronado Beach (crazy trying to find parking) and stayed until nearly 11PM. We had a bon fire and it was warm enough that I didn’t even need a jacket once the sun had gone down. Oh it was a great time.

The bad? I was crazy tired. I mean tired like you cannot believe. I had gotten about four hours of sleep. You’ve seen me post about Duchess and her Kennel Kough. Well, it turns out it wasn’t just a cough. She was breathing heavy and hard for a few days. I was going to take her to the vet Saturday morning due to a crazy busy week because she wasn’t really eating much and just looking very weak and tired. She wasn’t coughing nearly as much so I was hopeful that she was getting better.

That was until you got real close to her and listened to her breathing. It sounded ragged and her lungs were defiantly filled with fluid. Her heart was beating harder than normal and the wife and I knew it was only a matter of time, but still wanted to get her to the vet.

She didn’t want to go up the stairs so I stayed downstairs to keep an eye on her in case she needed to go outside and use the bathroom. I had carried her outside and let he lay down to cool off then brought her back inside and laid her down on her bed. It was around 11PM when we went to sleep and I read for a little bit. Before I went to sleep I went to check on Duchess around midnight because she’d gotten very quiet. She’d stopped breathing. I held her for a bit. Cried a little, and went to wake up the wife and my favorite daughter.

We’d gotten Duchess when my favorite daughter was 2 years old. So she’d pretty much grown up with Duchess over the years. It was her first ‘real’ pet (the mouse and fish don’t really count and we gave way the cats, Hope and Ernie, shortly after my favorite daughter was born). So, of course, she was quite attached. I knew she’d want to say good bye which is why I woke her up. It was a very difficult good bye. We finally got to bed around 2AM after I wrapped up Duchess and placed her outside.

Saturday morning while the wife and my favorite daughter got ready for going to the beach (with little excitement at the time) I went to take care of Duchess. One of our good friend’s, Deb, takes care of older and abandoned dogs and also baby sat Duchess and Tootsie many times over the years. I told her the news and she got me directions to the place she took animals when she needed to. Duchess will be cremated (at a very reasonable cost) and m will have a little box with Duchess’s name on it to keep for as long as she wants.

So it was a very emotional couple of days. I miss Duchess, but I’ve gone through this many times growing up. We had at least 6 dogs I can remember and more than a few cats as well as chickens, rabbits, a goose, and probably more I’m forgetting. I also worked at the humane society where I dealt with putting down dogs and cats on a daily basis. I’m not hard-hearted about animals dying, I’ve just had more than my share is all.

I’ll miss Duchess with her little begging while we ate and the way she would play with her food (getting one piece at a time and going to her blanket to eat it or play with it). She was a great dog and even though she had health problems through the years she had a good life. I’ll miss the little pooch.

I’ve got a lot to do with getting caught up on my writing. I hope you had a great weekend! I did post a new short story/novella up on smashwords; My Teacher is a WereWolf. It’s free unless you want to pay for it. All payments are greatly appreciated! Hit this link right here and you’ll be taken to the purchase page (even free). This is the sequel to My Teacher is a Zombie. You can also find it on B&N and Amazon if you’d like to look over there. The price is a meager 99 cents.

I’m off to go do some amazing writing!

Until Tomorrow?


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