Daily Update: Wait, it was supposed to rain?

Friday night we went to watch the Grossmont team stomp all over the Valhalla team. Oh, wait a minute. Grossmont didn’t win. The game was close with Grossmont winning most of the way and Valhalla came back to win. This was disappointing. Grossmont has a great cheering section for their football team so it was a tough loss. The Millican’s son had been brought up from the JV team to play on Varsity, but he was only put in on the last couple of plays. Had he been on defense, there’s a great chance that a couple HUGE plays by Valhalla wouldn’t have occurred and Grossmont would have won. Perhaps the next game.

Yesterday my favorite daughter decided she wanted to have a bonfire (some would same bomb fire which I’m glad it wasn’t) on the beach. Once I’m on the beach I don’t mind being there. It’s all the getting things ready, packing up the vehicle, buying all the food/drinks/misc that drives me nuts. Once I’m sitting down, I’m happy.

We got there late with a few of her friends, set up, and got ourselves a little fire going. My favorite daughter was excited to be wearing a sweatshirt and sweats to the beach. It wasn’t nearly as cold as I thought it would be. We took Tootsie with us and let her run free (there’s a dog section of Coronado Beach and we were close enough to that part. It was great fun. The wife and I took a nice little walk. The kids played with the volleyball and football. We roasted hot dogs, ate donuts, made smores, got rained on.

Yes, it was only a 30% chance of rain and boy did it come down! It started misting which was fine. We packed up the food. But then it started to sprinkle. We were still fine enjoying the fire. Then god decided we shouldn’t be at the beach and the sky opened up for about 15 minutes (felt like much longer). Everything got soaked. We all smelled like wet dog. Of course we waited until after the rain stopped to actually pack up our stuff and head for high ground.

Sputtery truck probably still smells this morning. I’m afraid to go open it up. We’ll see.

Oh, we also went to visit my mother-in-law. She had taken a trip to the hospital. They readjusted her pacemaker and kept her for a couple of days. She’s doing much better now that they made the adjustment. We’ll all be heading over there today to BBQ some burgers and just have a good time with family.

I didn’t write Friday, or Saturday. I’ll write a little today, but probably not much. I have watched a couple videos on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop so I’ll be doing some more playing with those as well. It should be a lot of fun. I’m learning a lot and I love to learn. It’s been a while since I picked up something new and as I said, this will play into a new project I’m going to work on in the coming weeks.

I’m still going to try and finish Of Gnomes and Dwarves before Nov 1st. I need to do a little plotting on V&A II. There is so much to do I’d better get on some of it before we need to leave.

Until Tomorrow!


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