Daily Update: Now I remember why I don’t go to Denny’s Anymore

It’s been a very long time since I’ve gone to Denny’s. Long enough, in fact, that I’d pretty much forgotten and/or dismissed my previous reasons for not going. So why did I end up at Denny’s last night?

My Favorite Daughter and a couple of her friends went to the movies last night. The Wife and I saw Pitch Perfect (Review in the next couple of days). When the movies got out, we asked the kids if they were hungry and where they’d like to go. A vote was taken and Denny’s was decided. Inwardly I groaned as I don’t recall the last time I had a good Denny’s experience in the evening.

Even though the place was nearly empty, it still took 10 minutes to seat us. There was, as best I could tell, one waitress on duty, the manager, and one chef. I was still hopeful. Rae, our server, was very pleasant despite being the only one on duty and the manager came by our table a few times. I have no complaints about the service or the quality of our drinks.

Then the food eventually showed up. <sigh>

Everyone that had bacon had seriously overcook bacon. Eggs ordered over medium were cooked on one side, flipped very quickly, and cooked for a very short time on the other side. The whites were still runny which is what you’re trying to avoid with over medium. Toast looked like it’d been forgotten about or run through the toaster 12 or 13 times and no amount of butter was going to cover that mess up.

I ordered the super bird. I figured this is just processed turkey breast and should be an easy meal. Couple slices of bacon. Yeah. I took the bacon off my gray turkey meat that looked as if it sat out for a few days. Then looked at the gray-brown of the meat. It didn’t taste right. I’ve had this sandwich many times in the past. It’s usually served hot. The fruit on the side had grapes that were awesome, but whoever taught the chef to cut the mellon failed to mention that you should cut off the green, fibrus part of the rind.

I didn’t want to ruin the kids’ meal. I didn’t complain. The kids had a great time, made a mess with sugar packets and their drinks. I left a reasonable tip and decided that was my last trip to Denny’s. Ever. It had nothing to do with the service and everything to do with an incompentent cooking staff. Usually it’s a combination of the two. Rae did a great job, the manager was attentive.

I feel bad. I wanted to have a good meal. This little fail just confirmed to me that Denny’s hasn’t gotten any better over the years.

At least I had a great movie experience. 🙂 Like I said, reivew to follow in a later post.

Oh, and I wrote around 2000 words yesterday!

Until Tomorrow!


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