Daily Update: Sugar Skulls

Dia de los Muertes is an interesting Mexican Tradition. Kids decorate candy skulls with frosting and eat them. Or just leave them out to look at. My Favorite Daughter is taking a Spanish class at school and got to take home a sugar skull mold. I let her find the recipe and prepare the sugar. Yeah, not the best idea.

What she wound up with was pretty much a sticky mess even after a couple of days of letting it sit in the mold. SO off we went to the store to get a sugar skull she could decorate. I did a google search on sugar skull san diego. Google is awesome like that. I called a place. They had sugar skulls available in different sizes. We loaded up into the Tahoe and off we went.

We wound up at Back from Tomboctou (not Timbukto, but close enough). I didn’t think anything of the name and off we went. I love living in the future because my phone told me exactly how to get there and like magic, we got there and parked right in front. I had thought it was a candy store (who else would sell sugar skulls?) but this was a store dedicated to folk art. If we hadn’t been in a hurry I would have loved to stay and look around. There was so much cool stuff in there. We only had time to get the sugar skull, look around for about 2 minutes, paid and were back out the door. I really do need to go back. That place was amazing! If you need anything for the Day of the Dead and you’re in the San Diego Area, check them out.

NaNoWriMo. Yeah, that’s going on, isn’t it? I knocked out just over 1700 words (or just shy of 1800). V&A Shipping was a little more difficult to get into as I’m having to think that this is a sequel and I need to make some minor references back to the first book in the first chapter so the reader won’t be lost. I’ve accomplished that. I’d introduced the new ship’s computer (she doesn’t like Victor very much and Vic hates being called Victor).  They’ve already lost the planet they were towing (in the first sentence of the story) so action right off the bat.

I’m excited to keep this one going. It’s already a fun story and the character banter is so easy to write. If you want to buddy up for this year’s NaNoWriMo I’m at jrmurdock (yeah, I’m tricky when I name things) .If I see you, I’ll add you back. The race to 50,000 words is on. If I’m lucky, I’ll break that this year.

V&A Shipping was right around 90,000 words so I’ve set that as the goal for V&A Shipping II. I’m also courting cover artists and editors for book 1. Could both of these see print next year? It’s highly likely. I also want to write Astel II and Of Gnomes and Dwarves II in short order so I’ll have a full plate if I can keep the pace up. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. Next year might be a big publishing year. At some point I need to make up a 10 year plan and plan out these publications.

I need more books under my belt first so I’d better get the day job out of the way first so I can get on that!

Until Tomorrow!


P.S. For those that read this, I’m writing these early in the morning and scheduling them for noon. Not sure why, just seems like a good time to schedule a post. If this works for you, let me know. I know RSS readers don’t really care what time something comes in, just that it comes in.

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