Daily Update: NaNoWriMo Day 10

Yesterday was a great day for writing. I managed just over 3000 words. I’m currently a day ahead (again) on my word goal for November. I’m not only happy with my progess, but happy with the words I got down. The tension is ratcheting up nicely and hopefully I’ll get the crew into a new, unexpected situation soon. I’m having a blast.

I still need to work on my plan for going indie (self-pub) on my books and I need to determine cost. I have a lot of books and I just need to get working on it. I mean, I have 6 books in various stages of completion meaning I could release 6 books next year if I felt truly ambitious, but I think that’s running a little too fast. I had planned to do four when I released Astel, but things fell apart, life happened, and the books didn’t get out. 2013 will be a year a lot of things will happen.

My Favorite Daughter spent yesterday at Sea World. It was cold, it rain but no at Sea World. I thought that was funny. It was 50 degrees by the home, and 60 down by the ocean. That’s totally backwards. But her, and her friends, had a good time.

Today she had club volleyball tryouts. It’ll be an exciting day.

The wife and I have a few things to do, so writing won’t happen until much later in the day. We’ll see how many words I can get done on a busy busy day. I know I can get at least 1000 words, I just need to find some stay minutes.

First I have to get through the day unscathed.

Until Tomorrow!


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