Daily Update: You won NaNoWriMo, What Are You going to do now?

So I won NaNoWriMo, what am I going to do now?

I’m going to Disneyland!

Okay okay, so it’s not really for me. It’s for my favorite daughter. We’re taking her and a couple of her friends up there and spending the day as long as we can at the parks (we got one day park hopper tickets) and then we’ll spend the night in Anehiem. We’ll do breakfast and some shopping in Downtown Disney where I hope to get some Christmas shopping accomplished before heading back home.

So, don’t worry if you don’t see a daily update from me for the next couple of days. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter I’m sure I’ll be posting pictures.

Okay, so on that note. I’m nearly done with the next episode of Golden West. Sorry for the delay. Hopefully that will be out early next week.

For my annual goal of 450,000 that’s already been surpassed, I’m up to 475,000 words on the year and unless something drastic happens I should be able to get to 500,000 with no difficulty. I was nervous about making 500,000 my goal for next year, but I think I can hit that. I had a lot of trouble during 2012 with just getting started, getting frustrated, getting distracted, getting restarted, all those problems that plague a writer. I could have easily done many more words than I did and we’ll see how 2013 goes. I have big plans and need to write my ass off if I’m going to accomplish all of what I’ve planned.

So what have I planned? I’ll save that for another post. I’m posting over on sffworld.com again and I started a goal thread there. I’ll be taking what I posted and expanding on it as well as building a schedule for next year. It’ll be aggressive and demanding but like I told myself at the beginning of 2012, if I don’t set ambitious goals, I’ll never accomplish half of what I want to do. I got a lot done during 2012, now’s the time to make it all pay off in 2013.

I’ll have the last two weeks of the year off. That is most likely when I’ll do my 2012 postmortem as well as do all my plotting, planning, and scheduling for 2013. It’s not as easy as just wishing or hoping all this will happen. I need to take an active hand in things I let go while I hoped for certain things to happen that were out of my control. It’s time to take the reigns. It’s time to kick this pig. It’s time to use my laser-like focus and do what needs to be done to see books in print.

I’m excited about 2013? How about you?

I’m off to go make some magic happen.

Until Tomorrow!


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