Weekly Update: So much going on for the start of the year!

2013 is off with a BOOM! Since I’m doing a weekly update feel free to skip past the sections that don’t interest you.

My Favorite Daughter:

Club Volleyball season is in full swing. Things are looking good this year. The team appears to be much more cohesive than last year. Her team is only 9 this year compared to the 14 or 15 from last year. This is a big plus as we’re seeing a much more consistent style of play. The girls on her team are very consistent and at the level they’re playing at it allowed them to sweep their tournament on Sunday. They won all three matches (6 games total) and 4 of those games were crushing wins and the other two were good wins by more than 5 points). It was so great to see them playing. Very happy. They’ve got a long road ahead, but they’re looking good.

Speaking of her club, the club website pretty much sucks. I know this. All the parents know this. The coach knows this. Everyone knows this. Well, the coach found out that I do web work as my full time job so I’ll be taking some time to put together a new website that’ll be easier to maintain, easier to navigate, and just look so much better than what’s there now. It’ll be a fun project and I can’t wait to get started (need to finish my Aunt’s website first though). So many websites, so little time. I really do need to find a cur for sleep.

Sputtery Truck and Sputtery Tahoe:

Why have one sputtery vehicle when you can have 2? <sigh>. Yes, Sputtery Truck I still have not replaced the parts on yet. I will be taking care of that this weekend. That should be a simple enough fix (and relatively quick). As for the Tahoe, that’s a different story. I’m not sure what’s finally going wrong with it and to be honest I’m getting tired of putting money into two vehicles. The wife and I finally decided it’s time for a new vehicle. Because of the company I work for I’ll get ‘fleet’ pricing so hopefully that’ll help keep the monthly payment down. We’ll see. Once we get said new vehicle we’ll be selling the Tahoe and getting rid of that Albatross around our necks.

V & A Shipping:

V&A Shipping has gone through a round of tough edits and rewrites. I also went over to http://www.designedbystarla.com   to order cover art for V&A Shipping. It looks good for getting the ebook cover prior to the 2/1 release of the ebook version and should have the print cover completed before the 3/1 release date. So we’re looking good there. I’ve sent of the manuscript for further editing. I’ll also be doing another re-read to make sure V&A II is consistent with what I set up in the first book. I don’t want to start mixing technologies and weird things like that. I’m excited to get this one out there. The podcast was so long ago that I know people are chomping at the bit for a sequel. We’ll have to see when that one will fall into the schedule.

Jack Kane and the Statue of Liberty:

My collaborative with Mike Plested (who recently released his 100th episode of Get Published) has gone through a heavy series of rewrites, edits, and corrections. I’ll be hopefully going through another round this week and we’ll have that one ready to submit. Mike and I are sending this one off to a publisher that requested to look at it so we’re very excited about that.


Now you’re up to date on what I’ve been doing. Couple other minor things I’ve done. I created a motivational thread for the month of January over at sffworld.com. If you need motivation or would like to share your progress and encourage others, hop on over there.

I haven’t written one word of new fiction yet this year. I’m not worried. I just know that I need to get writing soon. I had to major editing projects to accomplish first before I get started on new fiction. I’m nearly done with V&A II so it pains me not to be finishing it. I also need to get the next episode of Golden West produced. So many things to do.

I will also be writing up a weekly rant this week on something I’ve seen authors do recently that to me is deplorable and detrimental. I’ve seen it used in the past and caused a certain author to struggle and I can only see this causing problems for other authors in the future. I won’t go into that here as I’ll get all riled up.

There is much to do and only so much time to get it done. I’d better get on it!

Until Next Week!


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