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Chapter 6

Aboard the Police Cruiser Apprehension stood a stocky man dressed in a clean-pressed uniform. His chest bore several medals and a large, gold badge. Atop his head was a broad-brimmed hat. His eyes were covered with mirrored sunglasses and he held an unlit cigar in his mouth.

Sheriff B.T. Justice watched as the SS Acid Rat disappeared off the view port. It had stretched out into the distance and vanished. He gnawed on the end of his cigar for a moment. They’d gotten away. They’d left his jurisdiction.

“I hope someone has gotten their trajectory.”

Three officers snapped their mouths closed and turned back to their consoles and typed furiously. Sheriff Justice wasn’t one to joke and he was more dangerous when he didn’t scream.

He tapped a riding crop against his leg. Even though he’d never ridden a horse in his life was no reason for him not to have a riding crop. It made a great tool for discipline of his crew.


A portly lad who looked to be a twin of B.T. Justice ,minus the hat, medals, sunglasses, cigar and about thirty year, sprang from a nearby chair and saluted the Sheriff.

“Yes, Dad?”

“Junior, I want you to get on the con, better yet, I want you to get someone else to get on the con and contact the GCP Central Office. I need to travel outside my jurisdiction.”

“But, you can’t do that.”

“Don’t tell me what I can and cannot do. I am your father and I am your superior. Do we have an understanding?”

“Yes sir.”

That’s what the sheriff wanted; order. Even if he had to raise his voice to get it, he was going to get cooperation.

A young, bright faced officer turned around. “I’ve got them?”

How rude. “You’ve got them what?”

The officer swallowed and eyed the riding crop. “I’ve got them, sir.”

“Much better. Where are they?”

“They’re sitting just outside our solar system. If we can get close enough, we can use the tractor beam and not leave our jurisdiction.”

“Now how close is close? We are the law and we’re not going to be breaking any galatic laws just to catch one criminal.”

The officer turned back to his console and studied the screen for several second.

“Come on, boy! We don’t have all day. I’m sure they’re not just sitting there and waiting for us to get over there and catch them. I need numbers.”

“Yes sir. It looks like they’re still inside the Kuiper belt. They haven’t officially left our jurisdiction yet.”


The portly officer returned.

“Yes dad.”

“Do you have anyone on the con yet?”

“Office Branfurd is on the con. He’s getting in touch with the GCP office.”

The GCP was the Galactic Central Point office. They were the central of all authority in the galaxy. No one did anything without first consulting the GCP office. Even B.T. Justice wasn’t about to go against their rulings. He ground his teeth into his cigar and narrowed his eyes as if that would help him see the SS Acid Rat sitting just on the edge of his system.

“Let’s get out there. I want to see if we can catch him before he takes off. If we can’t, I want the GCP officer in command on the line to issue a pursuit warrant for the entire crew of the SS Acid Rat.”

Sheriff Justice strode along the walkway between the consoles where officers scanned screens and typed on keyboards in preparation with another confrontation with the criminals. He would smile, but he didn’t want to appear overly confident. He wasn’t even sure who piloted the ship. He only knew the person must be crafty. Crafty enough to slip his grasp. He wasn’t going to let it happen twice.


“Junior, how many times have I told you not to call me that?”

“Sorry daddy, sir. Sir We’ve got GCP on the con.”

“Keep them on hold. Let’s go catch those lawbreakers.”

“Yes sir.”

“Pilot, why aren’t we out there yet?”

“The light speed engines are still charging.”

“We’re not making a jump that far. I want us in the Kuiper belt and I want us there now.”

Justice swatted the man on the shoulder with the riding crop. There was more than one way to motivate this crew and physical violence was one.

The view screen blurred and the Police Ship Apprehension, B.T. Justice’s pride and joy, jumped to the Kuiper belt.

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