Weekly Update: More irons in the fire.

So if you didn’t see, check out the ‘About’ tab on the blog. I’ve got two new print books available. Well, not actual books, but My Teacher is a Zombie and My Teacher is a Werewolf are now available in print. I also set up http://ofgnomesanddwarves.com to have signed editions of V&A Shipping as well as My Teacher is a Zombie and My Teacher is a Werewolf. If you get them from me, I’ll send you the ebooks for FREE! and sign them.

Hopefully soon I’ll have those buttons on jrmurdock.com soon. I ran into an issue where the way I created the buttons isn’t compatible with how wordpress wants to see them. I’ve fixed this on another site (I’ll get to that in a minute). So fear not! I know what to do.

So speaking of other sites. I’ve been crazy busy with toying around with Of Gnomes and Dwarves. I also got my publisher url, ogadpublishing.com, so it points to Of Gnomes and Dwarves. jrmurdock.com will point to the blog. I’ll be making a lot more updates over the coming months as I get more and more titles out there and available. I’ll always make sure I have copies available from my site. If you buy from me directly (a print copy) I’ll always include the ebook version. So you’ll get that right away, and I’ll mail your signed copy as soon as possible.

If you recall my rant about Scalzi last week, this is just part of the stuff that he’s “too lazy” to do himself. And I know I was pretty harsh, but writing as a business is about trying to make money. He admits that in a later post he writes in the genre and the style he does in order to maximize his profits. Which I find ironic because if he were to self publish, he’d likely make far more money. Even Dean Wesley Smith noted this. If you’re a writer and are thinking about self publishing, you must follow Dean’s blog and read his words of wisdom. They’re priceless!

Anyway, so yes. With my own web pages I’ve been frightfully busy. On top of that, I also migrated my father’s website so it’ll be easier to maintain. I did some work on my aunt’s website. I need to build a site for my mom (if only she would ever send me some pictures). Finally I took on the website for my favorite daughter’s volleyball club (it was downright painful). So I’ve got lots of web work to keep me busy.

On the volleyball site I also had to migrate some paypal buttons. It’s far easier than I thought, if you know anything about web coding. Basically the palpal button you get will be a <form> and you need to convert all the form input elements into a string and send that on the URL (performing a GET instead of a POST). So I did that, and it worked on the new wordpress site. Once it’s up and live I’ll link to it so you can all point and laugh.

Beyond that I’ve been trying to peck away at some words each day. I’m only sitting on ~10,000 words so far. No where near where I wanted to be, but we’ll get past that. This was a learning month. I got a lot accomplished and I’m proud of all I’ve done. My intention was to have 14 titles available in 18 months and I’ve already got 3. Sure two of them were unexpected, but hey, I’m good with having more books live and ready to go! I really am.

Work has been, work. It’s been stressful and draining and the hours have bled over into my time which it hasn’t lately. Needless to say I’ve been burning the candle at both ends far more than I had before. Things are slowing down a little, then I get hit with another surprise, but hey, I’d rather be busy rather than sitting on my hands hoping I had something to do.

Speaking of having something to do, I’ve got  a lot more of it to go get done.

Oh, funny side note. I’ve gotten fewer and fewer hits on my blog posts for the V&A Shipping read-along than anything else I’ve posted. I find that funny. Let’s see if this gets more hits than today’s chapter 🙂

Until Next Week!


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