Weekly Update: Hey! It’s February already!

Where did January escape to? Wow that went by so fast. Well, in some aspects it did. In other aspects it was dreadfully long.

So work tried its best to take my life and for the most part I escaped unscathed. It wasn’t easy and a hard battle was fought. Unfortunately it’s bleeding over into February, but most of what’s been taking up so much of my time is starting to back off and that’s a good thing. I won’t go into details because it’ll bore you to tears. Suffice to say an interface didn’t want to cooperate with the code I’d written that worked last year, then stopped working this year. With no answers it was nose to the grindstone until something surfaced that looked like a solution. We’re mostly past that now and onto other odd issues, many that I have a vague idea how to correct.

Sputtery truck didn’t want to smog. The Millican and I replaced all the plugs and coils as I was getting a misfire on cylinder 7. Sadly there was one plug we could not remove and not I’m getting the check engine light for ‘running too lean bank 2’. I decided to see what the smog folk would tell me and they say it’s running too rich! Well, that seems to tell me that the one plug I was able to back out a little must not be firing properly so unburned fuel is escaping straight out the tailpipe. That’s not good. This isn’t something I can do on my own and with the advice of the Millican I’ll be taking Sputtery truck to the shop some time this week to see if that one plug can be removed and a good plug inserted. I’m just hoping it’s not a big ticket item. I’m tired of dumping money into that truck, but I’m too deep to back out now.

My favorite daughter had a volleyball tournament this weekend! It was a tough battle. They lost the first two matches, then rallied back and won the final match (against a team that’d nearly beaten the other two teams). It was painful and stressful and I had to play spiderman at one point as no one was about to climb the 15 feet (maybe 12) feet up the closed bleachers to fetch a stray ball. Once I was at the top looking down, I quickly figured out why. Thankfully the ref was spotting me. I made it back to my seat and continued my loud, obnoxious shouting and yelling (some call it cheering) and whistling.

So all this writing stuff. Yeah. January wasn’t so good of a month. I plan on making up for that. Though I have gotten a lot of web work done. For myself. For my step-mom. For my aunt. And for my favorite daughter’s volleyball team.I’ve had a lot of fun and will be having more fun this week as well. None of it is overly complicated, just time consuming. I need to remember, a little bit here, a little bit there, and include my writing into the mix. I need to try and do over my daily goal each day until I get caught up. I can still do this!

Speaking of still being able to do this, I’m off to go do this writing stuff (right after a little web work).

Until Next Week!


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