Weekly Update: Rumors of my rumors have been greatly exagerated.

Good Morning! If it’s not morning where you are or when you’re reading this, well, pretend. Imagination is a wonderful thing like that.

Much has been going on, but I’ve been so crazy busy that I haven’t had time to write or blog or nothing. I hate when that happens.

Half of the time off has been voluntary. The other half has been pain, headaches, work, stress, etc.  I missed my Lent goal, but I did get just over half of my goal. I came in just shy of the 88,000 I wanted to write during Lent. I guess that’s got to be good enough. During March I wrote 29,088 words and I didn’t even write half the days of the month. I feel good about the number, but I’m capable of writing so much more. Between family obligations and everything else, there just wasn’t more time to write. When I did eventually sit and get words written I would get a lot out (one day nearly 6,000 words). It’s just frustrating to look back and see all those holes in my word count spread sheet.

I keep waiting for the days to free up and give me a nice block of writing time (like right now while I write this blog post) but it’s not happening.

So what’s on my plate coming up?

1) Paradise Palms release and blog. I had planned on doing this under a pen name, but decided not to. This has a bit more grown up content than most of my work and I will note that in the novel description and on each blog post.

2) Billy Barbarian release and blog. I’m excited to get Billy out into the world. I’ve had a lot of great feedback on this book and I can’t wait to jump into book 2

3) My Teacher is a Vampire release. This will be the third in the Super Natural Learning series. I’m having a great time with these characters and I can’t wait to jump into the next book!

4) Astel re-release. I’ll be re-editing this book and putting out a cleaner version. I also can’t wait to write the sequel to this book.

5) Finish my giant robot book. I’m currently 22,000 words into this book and chugging along. I will probably end up higher than the 80,000 words I’ve projected for the novel and I’m good with that. I’ve done extensive world building (galaxy building?) that I hadn’t done in the V&A Shipping universe. This makes a great addition to collection and I’m already excited to work on the sequel.

6) WRITE MOAR! I don’t feel like I’m getting words out fast enough. I’m feeling a little pressure, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s forcing me to keep on a tight timeline and not get distracted. I’ve got dates plotted and set up and I’m attempting to hit all my targets. I’m confident and as long as I can find a little more free time to write I’ll have no trouble hitting those goals.

7) Short Stories have been getting rejected all over the place, BUT, I’m getting much better rejections with wording like “After reading and discussing it, and then holding onto it through several rounds of further consideration…”. Yes, still a rejection, but so much closer to an acceptance to a PRO market. Yes, PRO market. Everything I’ve had published to date has been semi-pro, but I’m trying to step up my game.

There is so much going on that I’m doing my best to keep everything straight. Hopefully I’ll have news later.

OH! I almost forgot. Between my two goodreads giveaways I have over 1000 entrants. I call that quite a success and I can’t wait to get the books in the mail (tomorrow?).

There’s a lot going on and I’ve got a lot of words to write.

Until Next Time!


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